Hello lovelies!

I am beyond happy to share that I was chosen to be a Featured Blogger with the SITS Girls community. My Feature Day was on July 15th, I had great fun and tons of support from all the lovely girls at SITS. It has been an amazing experience and I would like to share with everyone who might wish to be part of it too.

What is a Featured Day?

This is basically a day dedicated to your blog and you. The SITS girls community  make up a featured Blogger post, introducing you, your blog and three of your most favorite blog posts. Community members comment this post, visit your blog and comment your blog posts too. This generates unusual blog traffic, but also a great atmosphere and support from peer bloggers (thank you!).

Becoming a Featured Blogger
The SITS girls community have explained it best, so here is how you can be a featured blogger with the SITS girls community:


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed!

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