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I am beyond happy with my Versatile Blogger Award nomination! I was mentioned for the tag by lovely Cachoo Joo and will do it with this post as I love the idea 


Versatile Blogger Award is given to blogs/blogger bringing something special to your day, have unique and inspiring posts and write good quality posts with beautiful imagery. The rules for this tag are simple enough: thank and link to the person who nominated you the Versatile Blogger Award, pick and share 7 facts about yourself, nominate 15 of your recent fav blogs that you discovered and follow.

7 facts about me:

1. I love stationery items and have a  whole lot of notebooks, pens and other stuff in different colors and cute designs :)
2. My latest hobby is freezer-cooking. I dedicate one day of the week to cook some freezer friendly dishes and then enjoy them for the weeks to come.
3. I usually enjoy planning an event as much as having it.
4. I used to wear glasses for 10 years in the past.
5. I pair my socks with my outfit no matter that no one will see that :)
6. I have never been skiing because I am afraid not to break a bone.
7. Today is exactly 3 years after I married my beloved husband.

My nominees’ blogs are great places to get a bit of what I like: some beauty, some fashion, some quality food and some creativity. I love these amazing ladies’ blogs, it is a pleasure to read what they have to say and I enjoy the beautiful images they feature in their posts.

My nominees:
Ashley from Sugar & Cloth
Cindy from DIY Beautify
Ceara from DIY Confession
Juanette from the Fashion Nette-Work
Vickie from Adventures in Fashion
Anastasia from Fashion Not Fashion
Laura from Fashion Landscape
C from Beauty Science Magic!
Judith from Spector’s Nails
Jordan from Boho Vanity
Beth from Bird’s Words
AJ from Nail Lacquer UK
Amy from The Pretty Vain
Poppy from Makeup by Poppy
Rebecca from Foodie with Family

I hope my nominees will enjoy doing the tag as well. For me it was fun, thankd for reading and see you soon!

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