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Today I have for you another idea how to cheat the marble nail art and get the marble effect without water :)

To get these no water marble nails you will need 2 colors of your choice and a needle.


Easy needle marble nail tutorial


Easy needle marble nail tutorial


Easy needle marble nail tutorial

First, paint your base color
I chose white and salmon pink for my base colors. You need one thin layer of your base color. This technique works best with opaque formulas. After your first thin coat is dry, go ahead and apply a fat coat of the same color. Tip! Do one nail at a time to make sure your marble will blend beautifully.

Then, add a few drops of your second color while the base is still wet
I added the no water marble design for three of my nails. Spot large spots of your second color on your wet base. Do not attempt them to be perfect circles, it would not add to the final result.

Then, drag a needle across your nail while nail polish is still wet
I use the needle length to drag into the wet mixture of colors. This way it will not leave deep marks into your design. Tip! As nail polish dries, it becomes less flexible and your needle will start dragging some of the color with it, so be quick :)

Last, add a layer of top coat to smooth your marble even more
Adding a layer of top coat will also conceal any areas your needle left without enough color.

To finish off the design, I added micro beads to my little finger and thumb. I used a drop of clear  nail polish to attach them.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed!

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