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The idea of creating your own jelly formula has been really tempting for a while. I finally tried it and here is the jelly raspberry nail polish I came out with.


DIY jelly nail polish experiment and tips


DIY jelly nail polish experiment and tips


DIY jelly nail polish experiment and tips

To get your own jelly nail polish formula simply add a few dots of creme formula to a leftover clear top coat. In my photos you see 5 drops of Barry M Raspberry mixed into about 2 ml of L’Oreal Resist and shine clear top coat. I have 4 coats of this DIY jelly nail polish on my nails.

DIY jelly nail polish tips

TIP 1: Choose an opaque creme
Choosing an opaque creme nail polish will help you get the pigmentation you prefer. If your colored formula is too think or sheer you may end up adding color forever with what seems no effect at all.

TIP 2: Add a drop at a time
Add one single drop at a time and mix well so that you can get a better view of your mixture. Adding more color later is easier than trying to dilute an over colored base.

TIP 3: Do not use fast drying top coat
Use a regular / long lasting / strengthening etc. clear nail polish instead of fast drying one. Fast drying top coats do not blend well with added formula and you may end up with a streaky mixture which will not build up beautifully on nails.

So this was my first successful DIY jelly nail polish experiment. My next stop will be a black jelly :)

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