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It’s been a week since my last post again… I miss the blog, posting and you my lovelies but life has been super hectic these days and I just can’t seem to find a minute for nails. Anyways, I really hope summer will ease things out :)

Today I have for you one of my greatest nail polish finds. This is Caviar formula by Dance Legend and my particular gem is called Arovana.

Dance legend Arovana swatches and review

Arovana by Dance Legend review and swatches

Dance legend Arovana swatches

Arovana by Dance Legend review and swatches

Dance Legend Arovana

Arovana by Dance Legend review and swatches

Formula and Application
Arovana is a reddish berry jam jelly base filled with tiny dots in black and white. It goes sheer in one coat but your second coat will leave you with fully built glitter and color. Particles are easy to distribute evenly and give a semi textured effect when the formula dries. In my photos I am wearing Arovana with 2 layers of fast drying top coat to help it dry faster and also to make it look smooth and glossy.

Dance Legend Arovana wears for 4 days with no chips or fades and can wear forever with a few touch ups. If your tips are starting to show after a few days of wear, just seal them with a tiny bit of nail polish and add another layer of top coat. This little trick gave me 2 more days of wear so I had Arovana on for the whole work week and it still looked fresh and beautiful.

My Verdict
I had never come across to a formula similar to Dance Legend Caviar Polish line and I only got one shade to try it out. I am so in love with how great Arovana wears and how much compliment it gets so I will be trying more nail polishes from this amazing line.

What do you think of Dance Legend Arovana? Do you love the look as much as I do?
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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