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With so much sunshine lately I absolutely got into bright and cheery nail polish colors. Today I want to show a vibrant and obsessive sparkly blue. Stay with me for some thoughts on Zoya Liberty.

Here is a photo of Zoya Liberty with two coats and without added top coat.

Zoya Liberty Pixie Dust summer 2013 swatches

Zoya Liberty Pixie Dust summer 2013 swatches

This is a photo of Zoya Liberty with top coat.

Zoya Liberty Pixie Dust summer 2013 with top coat

Zoya Liberty Pixie Dust summer 2013 with top coat

Zoya Liberty is part of Zoya Pixie Dust nail polish line and was released in summer 2013 in a collection of 6 shades. Liberty is a bright blue color with silver sparkle added to it. I think it makes the perfect beach shade and you will get the most of it in sunshine.

Formula and application
Zoya Pixie Dust nail polishes feature a textured formula with glitter particles which dries matte. It definitely is on the thicker side but still easy to control and get precision with the thin and long brush the whole collection is equipped with. It is easy to achieve full coverage with two coats. Tip! Formula needs a bit more to dry so my advice is to wait for your first coat to dry completely and then add the second one. This way you will not top up too much wet nail polish together and will have to wait less at the end. Zoya Liberty took 5 minutes to get touch dry and 15 to be good to go.

I takes some time to apply and dry, especially if you, like me, prefer the top coat version but I have found my perfect routine to wear it:

apply one coat => wait for 5 min => apply another coat => wait for 15 min => add a fat, gel like top coat => finish off with a fast dry top coat.

Zoya Liberty wears great without a top coat. The Pixie Dust line is not supposed to be combined with a top coat so without a top coat and only two layers of nail polish you can easily go with it for five days. I love to add a top coat to Zoya Liberty because I love how it looks with a glaze added to it. With a top coat you can wear it for a whole week. Mind that a single layer of top coat will sink into the formula so you will need at least two.

My verdict
Zoya Liberty is a super beautiful blue shade which transforms from matte to glaze depending on if you decide to add a top coat or not. It is so easy to use and wear so I recommend it to a textured bright shade lover.

What do you think of this color? Have you tried any of the Pixie Dust shades?
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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