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If I was asked to pick one single nail color for being most versatile, I would definitely say white. White nail polish is great for summer and winter, it makes the perfect canvas for a number of nail art techniques and designs and to add up, it is super trendy for 2014. Unfortunately, it is popular for being difficult to work with. Those of you who have been through the white polish experience know the usual formula is rather thick, tends to streak, dries slowly and for all of the above is very easy to get on your nerves. Stay with me for my tips how to make white nail polish work.

How to make white nail polish work

How to make white nail polish work

How to make white nail polish work

How to make white nail polish work

TIP 1: Invest in a good formula
If you are going to pick a white nail polish, you have good chances to skip some of its flaws with getting it from a good brand. I know white seems too plain a color to invest in time for reading reviews and money for getting a high end one but trust me, this may change your attitude to white forever. Most of the major brands have a variety of white formulas so know what you need, do a little reading and enjoy the difference :)

TIP2: Do not skip the base coat
Taking a few extra minutes to apply your base coat will help even color application a lot. Streaking should not be such a problem if your nail has been evened out and prepped for color application.

TIP 3: Work with thin coats
White polishes are on the thicker side and usually streak. I know you may want to speed things up and give your nails a couple of nice thick coats in your hope to avoid streaking and get beautiful coverage faster. Unfortunately, this approach will most probably leave you with a never drying bubbly thick mess on your nails and you will eventually have to start everything over. So less is more in this scenario. After you have applied your base coat, start adding thin layers of nail polish until you get the coverage you need.

TIP 4: Thin if you have to
If you feel your white color is too thick to control well, then I suggest you add a few drops of nail polish thinner to the formula. Start with adding little because you can always add more later but you cannot take any away.

TIP5: Wait for layers to dry
It is very important to wait for each layer to dry completely before you add more color. As white is usually used as a base color for various nail art techniques, you are most likely to add something on your last white layer so it should be dry. If not, you are risking smudges and bubbles and you know this will ruin your manicure.

My white nail polish routine
With practice I have learnt what works best for me and have been following the same nail polish application steps when it comes to white. So my routine is: a base, a thin white layer, a second thin white layer, a fast drying top coat. The white I am currently using and getting out of is Essie Blanc and my fast dry top coat is Essie Good to Go. Check my thought on Essie Good to Go top coat if it sparks your interest.

Do you have more secrets to apply white nail polish and get the most of it?
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!


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