Hello nail art lovers!

Today I want to share with you a DIY wedding nail art with water decals. I think water decals are great for brides for many reasons:

♥ they are easy to use and you can make your own wedding nails design
♥ you have a great selection of prints to choose from
♥ water decals look good on short nails
♥ water decals are flattering on any nail shape
♥ they make a statement

Wedding nails roses bouquet

Wedding nails roses bouquet

I truly believe you cannot go wrong with water decals for your bridal nail design. Look at these beautiful roses on a bridal white background.

This wedding nails design has nothing more to it than the water decals technique. Check out my tutorial on how to use water decals for nail art to get how they work. Tip! It is very important to paint your nails in a color closest to your water decals print background. For this design I used my Essie Blanc and I think it fits perfectly the water decal and the white wedding day magic :)

Thanks for reading, I hope this idea will inspire your manicure for your big day!

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