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Today I want to share with you another wedding manicure I created. It is a classic French manicure embellished with tiny gold and silver beads. This will be a rather straightforward tutorial regarding the nail design but I will take some time to tell you my favorite and easy way to apply embellishments to nails.

Wedding nails with gold and silver jewels tutorial

Wedding nails with gold and silver jewels tutorial

Wedding nails with gold and silver jewels tutorial

Wedding nails with gold and silver jewels tutorial

Paint your nails a nude color.
You can play with the color and chose your favorite shade which will complement your skin tone. I chose a classic natural beige shade and applied 3 coats to achieve an allover color instead of a see through look.

Add the French tip.
This nail design is based on the classic French manicure. Add a white tip to all your nails using guiding stripes. We have discussed how you can use DIY guiding stripes made by regular tape but for this manicure I would suggest to get original French tip guides. This is because original French tip guides are slightly curved to match your natural nail shape, plus we will be looking for perfection, it is a special day after all :)

How to add gold and silver nail jewels.
I used tiny nail art beads you can find in nail art supplies shops as well as online. You know I do not use nail art glue to stick embellishments to nails. I also do not use any picking tool, my technique to position the beads is very easy, just read on.

+ put some gold and silver beads on a towel. This way they would stay in place and won’t start rolling everywhere
+ add a thin coat of clear nail polish at the base of your French tip
+ press your finger on the beads, some of them will stay on it
+ press your finger with the beads onto the clear nail polish line

This is a clean and easy way to attach all kinds of tiny embellishment to your nails. With practice it gets easier and you will be able to control the result to perfection.

Last, add a fat top coat.
To seal the design together, apply a gel look top coat. I have tried using thinner formulas, but they do not grasp the little embellishment as well as fat ones.

Nude:  Mybelline Super Stay gel nail color collection, French manicure, number 76
White: Essie Blanc
Top coat: Rimmel London 3D Plumping top coat
Beads: gold and silver

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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