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This post is a mixture of a tutorial, stamping nail art and a product review.

Bundle Monster 2013 Holiday Collection review
I am happy to share with you my love for this Bundle Monster stamping plate collection! I have loved it forever and when I was finally going to get my hands on it, Bundle Monster were so kind to offer is as blog sponsorship!

This is a collection of 25 image plates with a festive theme to all of them. I think this is a super versatile collection as you may pick images to match various Holidays and represent their spirit with nail art.

Browse the gallery below to find a detailed image as well as each plate’s individual code.

The plates have the usual round form. They are easy to use and especially to clean. Images  transfer easily and super clean. I have used the plates on several occasions with special stamping nail polish as well as with regular nail colors and have received the same beautiful effect every time.

You can get this set directly from the Bundle Monster web page.

Vintage multi color Balloon nails tutorial
Here is my first nail design with the Bundle Monster Holiday image plates. I chose BM-H 20 plate to transfer the balloon image on a white base.


Vintage multi color balloon nails


Vintage multi color balloon nails


Vintage multi color balloon nails

I love this multi color vintage effect so much! You can recreate it by adding three colors of your choice on the image plate and then scrape the excess polish off. The scraper mixes a bit th color on the plate itself and when you transfer them the colors blend on your nail.

I added a matte top coat to help the images pop and got a ton of compliments :)

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