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Valentine’s Day is approaching! I am always happy on Valentine’s day because it reminds me that no matter if your are single or taken, love is all around. You can find it in your dearest friendships, your adoring dog’s eyes, in the morning air, your spouse embrace, your sibling’s smile. Special day wishes are not my strongest side so I will just wish for you to love and be loved ♥

I chose black for my Valentine’s day manicure because I had chosen stones and pearls previously and I thought they would look great on a black canvas. And they do, needless to say much better in person than in pictures.

Valentine's Day nail design with jewels

Valentine’s Day nail design with jewels

This design how to is pretty obvious, just paint your nails and embellish them with jewels to add luxury to your nail design. Jewels and stones on nails are a little difficult to wear as your nails will eventually start falling apart… I go t invited to take part in Brilliant Earth’s Create a Little Love campaign and creatively spell out the word LOVE so that was my additional inspiration to use stones. Tip! Do not use real diamonds on nails as you are most likely to lose them :)

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s day nail design with jewels

  1. Maja

    Hi Yana! Just stopping by. Cute nail design:-). I love nail polish too, But haven’t used Stones in my designs yet;-). I’ll diffinatly come back.


    1. NailCentric Post author

      Hey Maya! You should definitely try some nail designs with stones, they are fun to make and are a good break from your usual nail polish all over manicure :) Would love to see you around!


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