Hello nail art lovers!

Today I have another nail design for you from my Stamping ABC post series. It is a playful textured tiger skin in pink and purple.

This design is super simple to put up but has something special to it. As a base I have China Glaze Unrefined which is a matte textured pink. This is one of my favorite three dimensional formulas and I figured it would be even lovelier with some tiger skin print on :)

This is how China Glaze Unrefined looks in two coats.


China Glaze Unrefined swatch


China Glaze Unrefined swatch

Here is the finished textured pink tiger skin look.

rsz_textured_pink_tiger_skin_nail_design (1)

Textured pink tiger skin nails


Textured pink tiger skin nails

I got the tiger skin patter from my MoYou London The Pro #3 image plate and used Rimmel London Electric! nail color for the skin print. You can see it featured as a base color in my How to use water decals tutorialTip! When stamping onto a textured base you will need a bit more pressure on the nail than usual. This is because you need color to get in between the textured bumps and your stamp pattern to have no spaces without color.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Sonya K

    Looks amazing!!! I’m not very good at painting my nails, so I’m going to check out your blog for more tips. Happy SITS Day!!!!


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