Hello lovelies!

Valentine’s Day is approaching! I am always happy on Valentine’s day because it reminds me that no matter if your are single or taken, love is all around. You can find it in your dearest friendships, your adoring dog’s eyes, in the morning air, your spouse embrace, your sibling’s smile. Special day wishes are not my strongest side so I will just wish for you to love and be loved ♥

I chose black for my Valentine’s day manicure because I had chosen stones and pearls previously and I thought they would look great on a black canvas. And they do, needless to say much better in person than in pictures.

Valentine's Day nail design with jewels

Valentine’s Day nail design with jewels

This design how to is pretty obvious, just paint your nails and embellish them with jewels to add luxury to your nail design. Jewels and stones on nails are a little difficult to wear as your nails will eventually start falling apart… I go t invited to take part in Brilliant Earth’s Create a Little Love campaign and creatively spell out the word LOVE so that was my additional inspiration to use stones. Tip! Do not use real diamonds on nails as you are most likely to lose them :)

Spread the love and thanks for reading!

Hello nail art lovers!

With Valentine’s day approaching, love is in the air! You get ideas for everything on Valentine’s day: outfits, makeup, nails, music, bedroom furniture and even pets clothes… I will be another one to give you a manicure idea. It is a nail design a little out of the classic pink/red Valentine’s day romance, but still features a heart :) I figured since it’s Valentine’s day, I could do something a little more complicated, it took me almost an hour from start to end but I love the result. Here is how to create these Valentine’s day gradient heart nails tutorial.

Valentine's day gradient heart nails tutorial

Valentine’s day gradient heart nails tutorial

Valentine's day gradient heart nails tutorial

Valentine’s day gradient heart nails tutorial

First, paint your nails white.
I find all gradients turn out best on a white base. Even if your nail design does not have white in it, a white base will help the colors pop and make them look more vibrant. Sometimes colors in gradient nail art may appear blunt because some of the formula will stay your nails and the makeup sponge you are using to transfer color to nails. I used my Essie Blanc for these nails.

Then add a gradient nail effect.
For this Valentine’s day nail art I used two shades of turquoise and the good old makeup sponge. I have shown you manicures using the sponging technique before, but this time it will be a little different as we are aiming at a gradient effect. Put a stripe of your white nail polish, then your light turquoise and then your dark one on a makeup sponge. Instead of adding your colors one straight after the other, make them overlap a little on the makeup sponge. Tip! Always start by adding the lightest color first. This way, when you slightly overlap the colors, they will blend naturally on the sponge and help you get your gradient nail effect.

Transfer the colors from the sponge to your nails by touching your white base with it leaving your ring fingers white. Tip! Put some clear tape around your nails as this technique may be a bit too messy and you will end up spending more time to clean up than to create the nail design.

Then, add the heart.
To add the beautiful gradient heart to your nail design you will need some regular tape. Cut a 1 inch piece of tape. Fold it in half and cut a leaf shape into it at the folded end. When you unfold the tape your leaf cut will turn into a heart shape whole. You will use it as a model.

Stick your DIY heart model to the ring finger and add the same gradient to it with a makeup sponge and the colors you previously used. Tip! Touch your skin with the sticky part of the tape a few times. This will make the tape less sticky and will prevent it ruining your base when you take the tape off your nails. Tip! Remove the tape while nail polish is still wet. This way it will not leave a harsh mark on your design.

Add a fat top coat.
At this point your Valentine’s day heart  nail art may look patchy and uneven, this usually happens when you are using a sponge. To even out the nail design and to make it appear smoother, add a fat top coat. You will see how your gradient blends beneath a good coat of fat top nail polish.

Thanks for reading, have the most wonderful Valentine’s day and see you soon!