Hello nail art lovers!

It’s almost Easter time and today’s post is all about candy colors, glitter and polka dots :)

These are gradient nails made with China Glaze What a Pansy and Rimmel Electric. I layered them over a white base with a makeup sponge. To make the gradient look a bit smoother, I added one coat of Essence Bejeweled. Tip! Adding a layer of a fine glitter/holo nail polish on your gradient helps to conceal some of the minor flaws we usually get when using the makeup sponge technique.

I added white polka dots to make your nail look more like colored Easter eggs. I  love how this Easter nail design turned out :)


Easter gradient nail art with polka dots tutorial


Easter gradient nail art with polka dots tutorial


Easter gradient nail art with polka dots tutorial

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Hello lovelies!

I am so excited I do not know where to start. Today I have for you the easiest no water marble nail art ever, some saran wrap thoughts and my new best way to revive worn out nail polish. So here we go, from back to front :)

One of my key criteria when choosing a nail polish is how long it lasts. I am that average woman who goes to work, does a whole bunch of chores, takes care of a family and still wants to look good. Nails are no exception so with such a hectic schedule nail polish durability is really important for me as I do not always have the time to do a fresh manicure. Luckier girls can have their polish on with no remarks for 5 days, even up to a week but I am one of those who are happy if nail color looks good for a few days. This is a thing about nail polish, it wears out and you have to invest some time to do your nails from scratch…

I recently found the best trick to help have beautiful nails for a couple days more with just a fraction of the time necessary to start everything over. Drum roll for the saran wrap nails!

What is it?
The saran wrap technique is a way to create that marble nail effect without using water and make a mess. You only tool is your regular and nothing-special-about-it saran wrap you are most likely to have in a kitchen drawer already. You will need ten small saran wrap balls. Just smash a two inch piece of it with your fingers and your tool is ready.

How does it work?
You need at least two colors to create the saran wrap marble nails. One for your base and one to cover it and use the saran wrap on. After your first color of choice is dry generously cover it with a different color. While your second color is still wet, touch the surface with a saran wrap ball several times. This will lift some of the second color up leaving the base color uncovered and visible. There you go, marble nails!

The saran wrap technique is ideal to revive a manicure you have had on for several days. Just when it starts to fade and chip here and there and it has grown a little too away from cuticles all you need is add a contrasting color on top and do the saran wrap technique.

No water marble nail art using saran wrap
To illustrate why I consider the saran wrap technique simply brilliant, here is a photo of my favorite Rimmel London nail color in Electric! from their Lasting Finish collection. I had it on for several days and it has those normal signs of wear, tips are not perfect anymore, there are some scratches… you get the picture.

Rimmel London Electric!

Rimmel London Electric!

Now this is how I revived it with the saran wrap technique. I used Rimmel Cocktail Passion nail polish on top and lifted some of the color up. I finished off with my fat top coat Rimmel 3D Plumping and I absolutely love the effect!

Saran wrap nails

Saran wrap nails

I know this post turned out a little unstructured but I couldn’t wait to tell you! Also,  Iknow all three products mentioned  in this post are Rimmel’s… They are not paying me, it just happened…

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!