Hello lovelies!

I am beyond happy with my Versatile Blogger Award nomination! I was mentioned for the tag by lovely Cachoo Joo and will do it with this post as I love the idea 


Versatile Blogger Award is given to blogs/blogger bringing something special to your day, have unique and inspiring posts and write good quality posts with beautiful imagery. The rules for this tag are simple enough: thank and link to the person who nominated you the Versatile Blogger Award, pick and share 7 facts about yourself, nominate 15 of your recent fav blogs that you discovered and follow.

7 facts about me:

1. I love stationery items and have a  whole lot of notebooks, pens and other stuff in different colors and cute designs :)
2. My latest hobby is freezer-cooking. I dedicate one day of the week to cook some freezer friendly dishes and then enjoy them for the weeks to come.
3. I usually enjoy planning an event as much as having it.
4. I used to wear glasses for 10 years in the past.
5. I pair my socks with my outfit no matter that no one will see that :)
6. I have never been skiing because I am afraid not to break a bone.
7. Today is exactly 3 years after I married my beloved husband.

My nominees’ blogs are great places to get a bit of what I like: some beauty, some fashion, some quality food and some creativity. I love these amazing ladies’ blogs, it is a pleasure to read what they have to say and I enjoy the beautiful images they feature in their posts.

My nominees:
Ashley from Sugar & Cloth
Cindy from DIY Beautify
Ceara from DIY Confession
Juanette from the Fashion Nette-Work
Vickie from Adventures in Fashion
Anastasia from Fashion Not Fashion
Laura from Fashion Landscape
C from Beauty Science Magic!
Judith from Spector’s Nails
Jordan from Boho Vanity
Beth from Bird’s Words
AJ from Nail Lacquer UK
Amy from The Pretty Vain
Poppy from Makeup by Poppy
Rebecca from Foodie with Family

I hope my nominees will enjoy doing the tag as well. For me it was fun, thankd for reading and see you soon!

Hello lovelies!

I am so happy to share with you my second Liebster award nomination! I got it from the lovely Rachel from LiveLikeABeauty blog.

Liebster award #2

Liebster award #2

As you probably already know from my previous post or from other nominated bloggers, the Liebster award is an initiative designed to promote new and/or small blogs with less than 200 followers at Bloglovin’. I think it is a great idea and I am happy to receive the Liebster award nomination and pay it forward.

So how does it work?
1. You must link back to the person who nominated you and answer the 11 questions they asked you with their nomination.
2. You must pick 11 nominees yourself and tell them they have been nominated. You cannot pick the person who nominated you.
3. You must ask your nominees 11 questions of your choice

My answers to Rachel’s questions

1. What do you want to accomplish with your blog?
If I have to set goals to nailcentric.net, I would mention two main things. First, I want to attract people who care about nails and would love to see what I have for them. Then, I want to develop the nail+blogging hobby as it is my way to relax and keep that creative vibe into my everyday life.

2. How do you describe your clothing style?
My style is casual and relaxed. I am fond of the effortless chic :)

3. What would you like to have more than anything?
More than anything I want to have health for myself and those dearest to my heart.

4. Why did you start blogging?
The answer to this question will be similar to the one I gave the first question but it is true. I started blogging to have my place where I would share my passion for nail art with people who care.

5. How would you describe your blog?
The initial  idea was nailcentric.net is to be nail art blog, dedicated to fast and easy nail designs and manicure inspiration. So in answer to your question I would love to say ‘inspirational’ :)

6. How did you get the name for your blog?
I wanted the blog name to have something to do with the word “nail”. I came up with several ideas for a name and when I looked them up to see if the site names are free, I chose the one that was available and I still liked the most.

7. What is your favorite beauty product?
My all time favorite beauty product is my face moisturizer. It changed the way my skin looks for the better and makes everything look nice: from my mirror reflection to my makeup.

8. How would you describe your character?
This is a really tough one! I always prefer to let others judge for me just because when people ask me for my character I tend to get braggy :)

9. Who is your role model / idol?
My husband.

10. What is your talent?
I can paint nails :)

My nominees

Kami iamkam.co.uk
Meaghan justmeaghan.com
Faith thats-just-fabulous.blogspot.com
Aly alyarmstrong.com
Maru fashionyfab.com
Katja insidelookatkcn.blogspot.com
Junko kawaiilabo.blogspot.com
Tanya simplysteadman.blogspot.co.uk
Claudia globetrotterinheels.com
Jana janalmeister.blogspot.com
Ellie and Brooke gingerandtheblonde.blogspot.co.uk

My questions to nominees

1. What blogs and bloggers inspire you?
2. Who is your favorite blogger?
3. What is special about them?
4. If you are invited to write a guest post for a home decor blog, which topic would you choose?
5. If you had to start another blog on another topic, what would it be?
6. Which is your best post?
7. What is your ultimate weekend style?
8. What is your favorite spring/summer 2014 fashion trend?
9. Which is your best post?
10. What are the best drugstore brands according to you?
11. If you had to go away for a month and were allowed to get only 3 beauty products with you, which would they be?

I am happy I could support this initiative for the second time and I am paying it forward to my lovely nominees.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Hello everyone!

I am so excited that I got the Blogger of the Month nomination by the Next Blogger Network. I was awarded the Blogger of the Month badge for January for my Pastel colors inspiration board. My nomination is already on NBN facebook page and will be announced in an upcoming newsletter to NBN members. In that matter we had a short interview so that you can learn a bit more about me and nailcentric.net. Here are the questions and my answers!

Blogger of the Month Jan

1. When did you start blogging and what encouraged you?
I started blogging in December 2013. I wanted a place to share my passion for nail art with people who really care. My husband encouraged me a lot, helped me set up the blog and is making all the photos for it. That made nailcentric.net a possible and real blog project.

2. Who is your blog-spiration, what blogs do you read for inspiration?
I get my inspiration mainly from fashion and lifestyle blogs. I love Keiko Lynn’s  blog, Kate’s Small Things blog, the Bohemian SF Girl by Bay and many others actually. I love street style, beauty, lifestyle and food blogs with inspirational imagery.

3. You have previous written great posts featuring Next products, will you be shopping at Next more?
I doubt I would be shopping more. I have a clear shopping strategy I always stick to!

4. Who is your style icon?
My style icon has been the same for years. It is the talented and always magnificent Gwen Stefani.

5. What is your top tip for other bloggers?
Fellow bloggers, when inspiration is not there, just do not post.

6. Where do you go to write your blog?
I write in my bed with my computer in my lap.

7. If you could blog from anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I love my place so much! I wouldn’t mind blogging from New Zealand, though :)

8. I am not just a blogger I’m also…
… I am also a Mom to a baby boy, a wife to the love of my life, a project coordinator for an international IT corporation, a scrap booker and a dear friend to those closest to my heart.

9. What are your top five favourite items from next.co.uk?
My 5 picks according to my current mood will be:

10. What is your blogging soundtrack?
Usually some funny sound my boy’s toys make :)

11. Do you have a secret talent, if so, tell us?
No secrets, I show off all my talents all the time :) I think my biggest talent is to enjoy life.

12. I have noticed you blog about nails mainly, but fashion as well…what if your fav topic to write about?
I love to blog on everything I am happy to share. Sometimes it is nails, sometimes it is a fashion inspiration, it doesn’t matter as soon as I feel passionate about it.

13. We are now into our Spring (YAY!!) What is your number  1 top look for Spring?
Spring will be mostly black and white for me this season. I love the monochrome trend and will be getting the most of it by combining skinny leather look trousers, black ankle boots, a white tee, my all time favorite short black jacket and a large bag. I will also have my favorite sunglasses with me :)

Thanks for reading!

Hello lovelies!

I was nominated for the Liebster award, yay!

The Liebster award is an initiative designed to promote new and/or small blogs with less than 200 followers at Bloglovin’. I think it is a great idea and I am happy to receive the Liebster award nomination and pay it forward.  Thanks to lovely Lauren from Daisy Drops blog  who nominated me!

Liebster award

Liebster award

So how does it work?
1. You must link back to the person who nominated you and answer the 11 questions they asked you with their nomination.
2. You must pick 11 nominees yourself and tell them they have been nominated. You cannot pick the person who nominated you.
3. You must ask your nominees 11 questions of your choice

My answers to Lauren’s questions

1. What is your favourite beauty product and why?
My favorite beauty product is the face moisturizer. I cannot live without a good moisturizer and among all benefits you get from it I think it makes the big difference when it comes to makeup.

2. What is your favourite nail polish colour?
Maybe I should not mention this is a tough one :) If I really had to pick one, I would say vibrant pink. It is a classic shade, has some character and at the same time may complement almost any outfit.

3. What inspired you to create your blog?
I needed a place of mine where to share my nail art love with people who actually care. My husband helped me a lot with blog setup and photos and made this project look possible.

4. What is your dream holiday destination?
I’d love to go to New Zealand some day. It seems like Heaven on earth to me!

5. What’s your favourite clothing store?
I shop for clothes in mainstream fashion stores. My last purchases were mainly at Mohito fashion shop, so it must be my current favorite clothing destination.

6. What’s your favourite beauty brand?
My favorite drugstore beauty brand is Bourjois Paris, I love almost everything I got there. My high street favorite must is Yves-Saint Laurent.

7. Do you have any pets?
I used to have a dog. Now I have a baby :)

8. What is your favourite movie?

I am a frequent theatre visitor and a movie addict, so please don’t  make me answer this question :) The last movie I really liked was Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity (2013), starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

9. What make up brushes do you use?
I use a stippling brush to apply foundation and a blush brush. I own a ton of other brushes, but most of the time I apply makeup with my fingers :)

10. Do you prefer fashion or beauty?
Definitely fashion!

11.   What’s your favourite lip balm?
My absolute favorite lip balm is Bioderma Atoderm moisturising stick.

My nominees
Lizanne notyourtypicaldietitian.com
Sally sallyfazeli.com
Michelle ordinarymisfit.com
Jenny jennygevans.blogspot.com
Alice ahandfulofalice.blogspot.se
Missy littlenuggetcreations.blogspot.com
Peacock’s Voice thepeacocksvoice.blogspot.com
Bernadette bernadette-czle.blogspot.se
Allison fashionchatterxo.blogspot.com
Mica mica-belle.blogspot.co.uk
Dervla blogcurator.blogspot.com

My questions to nominees

  1. What is blogging to you?
  2. If you had to blog for something else, what would it be?
  3. What inspires you?
  4. Would you be OK to get payment in return of a positive product review on your blog?
  5. Which is your favorite spring/summer 2014 fashion trend?
  6. Which is your key clothing piece?
  7. Which do you prefer for a casual weekend lunch out, jeans or a dress?
  8. Which is your favorite celebrity?
  9. What would you cook for them if they came to dinner at your place?
  10. How would you spend your time in Paris if you had just 3 hours?
  11. Which city in Eastern Europe would you like to visit as a tourist?

It was fun to participate in this sweet initiative! I am paying it forward to the lovely girls from my nominees list. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading, see you soon!