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It is barely January and I am already anticipating the spring season. I got hooked to the pastel colors trend for spring/summer this year and I’d love to wear it this season. I am sharing with you my spring 2014 fashion inspiration board dedicated to pastel color trend. Of course, this post is in the Mix Box, my blog section totally unrelated to manicure :)

My picks to pull off the pastel colors fashion trend for spring 2014 are in the inspiration board below.

The parka is mu ultimate choice for a casual outwear. I think it is perfect for spring, as well as autumn and colder summer nights. A pastel color parka can be a key piece in a spring 2014 look. I love this pastel pink 4 pocket jacket from Next.

Ankle boots
I love how versatile these ankle boots by Dr. Martens are. The colors seem a little pretentious but the boots themselves are a versatile spring shoe option. I love how they look with skinny jeans, skirts and dresses and it you do not want to show them off too much, you can always wear them with the good old bootcut jeans pair on top.

Candy color jeans
Spring is the best season to freshen up the look so that it goes perfectly with new  nature colors and finally there sunshine :) I love the candy colored pastel jeans for a casual and youthful look.

Hair color
As much as I love ombre hairstyle I will not go for pastel lilac all over. Anyways, my spring hair refreshment look features pastel colored hair extensions to clip in hair. Colorful clip in hair strands are a great way to keep up with the trend without giving up your right to go back to natural when you have an important business meeting.

Multiple bracelets
From all jewellry out there my favorite piece must be the bracelet. Rolled up sleeves are my signature thing so bracelets fit just right there and make a perfect way to wear a trend. A multiple pastel color bracelet will complete a look no matter of the main color you have chosen for your look. I love Next’s Pastel expander bracelet.

Pastel nails
Pastel nails are a strong nail trend for 2014 and I will wear them with pleasure. I find the pale yellow shade more unique and rare so I will be looking for this color as soon as spring 2014 nail polish collections hit the stores this season.

Thanks for sharing my inspiration! Will you be rocking the pastel trend this spring/summer season?.

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