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With so many glittery beauties going on in Holiday season, I decided to share with you how to remove sparkles effectively without scrubbing your nails. All you need is a nail polish remover of your choice, some cotton balls and kitchen aluminum foil.

Soak cotton in nail polish remover
I prefer using makeup removal cotton pads to lose cotton or cotton balls because they are easier to position and do not leave fibers behind. Tip! Cut each pad in four, this way it will fit your nail better and won’t dry out the skin around your nails too much.

How to remove glitter the easy way

How to remove glitter the easy way

Then, wrap nails with kitchen foil and wait
Position each cotton pad on a nail and just wrap your finger tips with kitchen aluminum foil. This will create an individual mini cap for each finger. Wait for 3 minutes. It may feel a little strange to have funny extra terrestrial looking hands but for the sake of the procedure be patient :)

Last, massage and remove caps
Before removing the aluminum caps, massage each nail for 5 seconds. When you take off the cotton and foil, there will be no polish and glitter residue on your nails. This amazing technique works great for all kinds of textured nail polish. I like to moisturize my nails and cuticles right after this procedure as it may be a bit drying to the nail. I have already shared with you my instant remedy for nails – the magical castor oil.

Thanks for joining me and see you soon!.

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