Hello dear nail addicts!

If you share my love for vintage comic books then keep reading to see how to create this gorgeous pop art nails.

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Comic book nail how to

Comic book nail art

Pop art nail design

Pop art nail design

First, paint some of your nails raspberry red and some of them yellow.
It does not matter which finger will be what color as the beauty of this nail art is in its complexity, not in the single nail.

Step by step polka dots tutorial by stylecaster.com

Step by step polka dots tutorial by stylecaster.com

Second, dot it!
Add black and yellow dots to the red nails and white dots to your yellow ones. To make the dots I used a toothpick but you can choose your tool as per your preference – for sure a pin, a cuticle pusher tip or a dotting tool will do the trick. This is a great tutorial for making dots with a pin head:

Then, add the cartoon.
Simply blob some white onto the nails you have chosen for the cartooned part. Do not worry if your white has rough edges or if it covers any of the dots you made before. It is perfectly OK as you will use some black to outline the edges of the white and add a short phrase that comic books are famous for. I left POW for you ;)

Last, finish off with a clear top coat
Top coat will seal your design and smooth out nail surface which may have turned a little bumpy with so many dots and blobs. Honestly, I did not put any top coat on because my black color seems to smudge…

Products used:
Raspberry: Bourjois 10 days nail polish collection, number 11
Yellow: S.HE stylezone, number 297
Black: Golden Rose Painting brush collection, number 106
White: Miss Sporty Et Voila – nail tip whitener


I hope you enjoyed!


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