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Today I want to tell you about an interesting nail polish. Versatile, two-faced and alluring, OPI Stay the Night is a gem which should not be missed. It was released for the spring 2013 season as a result of the brand’s colaboration with Mariah Carey and if you have not stumbled upon it so far, stay with me for a thorough review and some photos to speak better than words.

OPI Stay The Night is a hot pink glitter in a black base.  Pink particles are small and fine, same color and size. It looks jelly like in the bottle but gives full opaque coverage in two coats.

Formula and application
OPI Stay The Night is designed as a liquid sand formula which means it dries to a textured look. This nail polish gives a very interesting effect as the base dries matte but the glitter keeps shining. Textured nail polishes are meant to be left without a top coat so with two layers your OPI Stay the Night will be matte black texture, not too rough but with a visible three-dimensional effect. Application may be a little tricky as formula is on the thick side and the nail polish brush is rather large.

Textured polishes are a bit difficult to identify while in the bottle and using a liquid sand for the first time may be a surprise. I must admit that when I had my first layer of OPI Stay The Night on I thought this was the ugliest see through brownish thing I had ever seen. If you get the same first impression, please wait until you have the second layer on, it changes everything for the better.

Here is a photo of my nails with two coats of OPI Stay The Night without any top coat.

OPI Stay The Night liquid sand nail polish

OPI Stay The Night liquid sand nail polish

OPI Stay The Night liquid sand nail polish

OPI Stay The Night liquid sand nail polish

I already mentioned the thick formula so you may have guessed it needs a bit of extra time to dry. Tip! This is absolutely right and my tip would be to invest some time to wait in between layers rather than top layers up and wait forever for the polish to dry. Personally, I prefer OPI Stay The Night with top coat on.

Adding a top coat transforms this textured formula to a deep magical color combination which stole my heart the moment I saw it. Tip! To smooth the texture, add a fat coat of clear nail polish and then a fast drying top coat to speed the drying process up. Here is a photo of two OPI Stay The Night coats with the addition of two layers of clear top coat.

OPI Stay The Night liquid sand nail polish with top coat

OPI Stay The Night liquid sand nail polish with top coat

I am including a comparison photo to help illustrate  how this nail polish transforms when you add a top coat to it.

OPI Stay The Night with and without top coat comparison swatch

OPI Stay The Night with and without top coat comparison swatch

OPI Stay The Night wears in a different way depending on whether you have a top coat on. Without the top coat you will enjoy about two days of perfect wear. I find this logical as you actually have only two nail polish coats without anything in addition to protect the nail polish and seal the color.

With a top coat OPI Stay The Night wears great for four days which is OK for a dark nail polish. Top coat will prevent color from fading and tips from chips so this is definitely the option I go for.

I find this textured formula easy to remove. You do not need any special procedure for the glitter to come off but I do suggest taking some time to soak the nail into nail polish remover. Tip! Put some nail polish remover on a cotton pad, press it onto your nail and count to ten. These seconds will be enough to soften the base color and give glitter a looser base to hold to. It will make it easier to remove.

Price and availability
OPI Stay The Night is not part of some limited edition special occasion collection so you may find it for a regular OPI product price. It is available at many online retail stores and I am pretty sure you have a good chance to find it in major beauty stores which stock OPI nail polish range.

My Verdict
OPI Stay The Night is a pain to work with but it has this unique dual character which will make me love it forever. Matte and shine together, textured and smooth at the same time all depending on your wish, it is worth the patience to get it right.

So what do you think of this one, does it inspire you in any way?
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed.


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  1. Definitely Ashlee (@definiteashlee)

    Oh wow, the difference between matte and shine is incredible. I actually like the textured look. It gives it a sense of uniqueness within the polish. But I do love the shine more, I’ll admit. I’ve been eyeing this color down in the stores so maybe it’s time to buy it : )


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