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I am still in love with stamped nail art and the design opportunities it gives. Today I will show you a blue dragon theme stamp on nude base and will also share my thoughts on MoYou London Suki plate #7. So welcome back to my Stamping ABC post series where I learn and share about my newbie stamping nail art experience!

Nude Dragon theme stamped nail art
For this design I painted my nails nude using Zoya Chantal. You have seen my swatch and review in my Zoya Naturel nail polish collection post.

Zoya Chantal swatch

I find this opaque nude a great base for all kinds of stamp experiments. I wanted to try a stamp design with a different image on each nail so my Suki image plate was perfect for this. I used CND Midnight Sapphire nail polish to do the images. It is not a special stamping nail polish but I am happy how it worked. My top coat smudged some design parts a bit but again, it is also not a specially designed product for stamping so I could see that happen.

Nude dragon nails

Nude dragon stamped nail art

Nude dragon nail art

Nude dragon stamped nail design

Nude dragon nail design

Nude dragon stamped nail design

I love this design, it got a whole lot of attention and I could also test how some of my non stamping polishes work with stamping.

MoYou London Suki image plate #07
I have already raved about this image plate in my Stamping ABC post series intro post and now I have some more impressions to share.

MoYou London The Pro 03 stamping image plate

I am fairly impressed with the sole idea of this image plate design. It features several similar theme images overlaying and interacting with each other’s design. This image plate offers endless design options due to its design concept.

Suki #7 image plate is super easy to use, it has that plastic base which maes it easier to hold and manipulate. I have also used  it several times with regular nail color and it has worked beyond my expectations. It is easy to clean and its individuall package makes it easy to store too. I love this image plate by MoYou London and I would say it is a must have stamping product for every stamping nail art lover.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

6 thoughts on “Nude dragon nails and MoYou London Suki image plate #7 review

  1. frautaubenblau

    Uhh, I absolutely love this look! The combination of colors, the stamping motives! Beautiful! :) And btw, you can prevent the top coat from smudging your designs by spraying on a little bit of hairspray before applying top coat, that always works for me.


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