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Welcome to the 2014 nail trends series! This is the first post from this sequel thread and we will talk about two key trends for spring summer 2014 as seen on fashion week runway shows: natural nails and white nails.

Natural nails trend
Delicate natural shades are one of the key nail trends for spring 2014. Nails are beige, skin toned, sometimes completely naked with just a top coat to add a little healthy glow. This trend seemed uninteresting to me at first but I must admit it has some generous positives. Natural look is perfect for the office, works for short nails and is great to complement a bolder fashion look.

White and off-white nails trend
White is the star of spring summer 2014 nails. No matter if you like your nails short and round or long and pointy, white will definitely work for you. If you get bored from simple white, you may go for any off-white shade as it was also seen a lot at fashion week runways.

Here is a sneak peek at my next nail trends post: half moon.
half moon sneak peek

All images for this thread are found at either of my favorite online magazines: elleuk.com, harpersbazaar.com and nailsmag.com.

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