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Welcome back to the 2014 nail trends series! In this second post from the sequel thread we will talk about two more nail trends for 2014 as seen on fashion week runway shows: altered French and half moon nails.

Altered French manicure trend
French manicure stays on top of this season’s trends but with an altered image. Add an unexpected color to your nail tips and you will fit the trend. Workplace friendly and easy to go with various outfits, we will see the colored tip a lot in 2014.

The half moon nail trend
Another popular look of the runways is the half moon manicure. All color combinations are welcome as soon as nails are rounded or square and you are not afraid to be noticed :) Some call the half moon look the reverse French nail and I can see the logic to that, especially now that it appears in trends list repeatedly season after season and may turn out to be a classic as its original French predecessor. I will make a tutorial to show you how to create half moon manicure soon so stay tuned!

Here is a sneak peek at my next nail trends post: metallic nails.

Nail trends for 2014: metallic nails

Nail trends for 2014: metallic nails

All images for this thread are found at either of my favorite online magazines: elleuk.com, harpersbazaar.com and nailsmag.com.

Thanks for reading, come by for the next trends blog post!.

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