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Today I want to share with you my best nail art tool ever. I love it, it helps me a lot in maintaining clean and precise nails. We are going to talk about the nail polish corrector pencil, so welcome back to my Manicure Essentials column dedicated to vital nail products other than nail color.

What is it?
Nail polish corrector pencil is basically a stick filled with nail polish remover and equipped with a soft cuticle pusher. When the cuticle pusher tip is fixed onto the pencils top, it gets saturated with polish remover. The fine angled point gives you full control to what and where precisely you want to correct.

How to use the nail polish corrector?
It is as simple as this: just gently touch the nail polish you messed up and wipe away the excess. It happens to everyone, you are in hurry, you put on your polish and you accidentally touch a cuticle with nail color and ruin it all. In this scenario nail polish corrector pencil saves the day. You can even clean up in the design itself. Let’s say you have layered a base color with some stripes but your hand flinched a little. Here comes the nail polish corrector pencil!

This tool usually has several replaceable sticks so it is a multiple use tool. Tip! Dedicate some tips to light nail polishes, some to dark colors and some for brights. This will prevent bolder colors from staining your nails with some burgundy residue from your last clean up.

Essence Studio Nails nail polish corrector pencil

Essence Studio Nails nail polish corrector pencil

I get my pencil at the drugstore and always have one in handy. My choice is Essence Studio Nails nail polish corrector pencil. This particular pencil comes with three replacement tips which leaves you with four tips altogether. I use them up for about 3-6 months and I do a lot of nail art (I try to be careful though).

Thanks for reading and see you soon!.

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