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Hello lovelies!

I am almost done planning my spring 2014 nail color purchases! I decided to share some thoughts on the subject with you and tell you how I build and refine my wish list for an upcoming season and I hope they will help you build yours :)

Why to plan?
I have several reasons to plan my future nail polish purchases apart from the obvious finance one. In time I have reached the conclusion that planning my future purposes makes me happiest with what I get when I get it. Plus, nail polish addiction is a serious obsession and if you do not plan your colors and buy everything on a whim you may end up with a huge part of collection you do not use, too many similar colors, lacking some colors you love, etc. So if you feel you are not happy with how your nail polish collection turns out and money is not your only/particular problem, read on for my tips how to be happy with what you get. You can also take a look at my How to build a fabulous nail polish collection on a budget post for some more related tips.

TIP 1 Get rid of the old
When I am about to add seasonal colors to my collection I always make a revision of what I already have. I do this for the sole purpose to get rid of the old rather than to decide what not to buy :) Identify nail polishes which are too old to use, you feel bored with or are sure you won’t be wearing this season and make room for some fresh additions. I throw away nail polishes which can’t be used for some reason, give away some color to people who will enjoy them more and take part in local swapping circles.

TIP 2 Know what’s trending
It is not necessary to base your decisions on nail color trends for the particular season but it won’t hurt if you are up to date so you will make an informed pick. Personally, I am excited about new trends and always have a look at them which does not mean I choose to wear all because there is always something that I love more than another.

TIP 3 Identify your LOVE for this season and get it
Some of you may have noticed that I have a huge crush for pastels this season. I absolutely love pastel shades and my complexion is still fair enough to work well with this palette. So it was not a tough decision when I made it: pastels will be my spring 2014 must have nail color picks. Find your LOVE and make sure you get it so that it will make you feel happy (until eventually starts to make you feel bored but this is a topic for another discussion).

TIP 4 Identify your LOVE for this season and stop getting it
Now this is very important, stop gravitating your wishes around that same shade you already know you love. It is easy to understand how your eyes seem to notice your favorite color everywhere and you keep sighing for its beauty but stop! You do not need more than one/two similar shades. So pick something else instead of your 10th pink this season :)

TIP 5 Don’t overspend in the beginning of a season
The fact you are planning your wish list does not mean that you will never buy anything which is not in it ever. Let’s face it, you are likely to fall in love from the first sight with a nail color at least 3 times a season :) So do not shell out all your nail polish money at the beginning of a season, you will spend more later.

Do you plan your seasonal nail colors or just buy whenever your heart tells you? What are your tips? Let me know… I will share with you my spring nail color picks in a later post.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

6 thoughts on “Nails wish list tips: how to plan the upcoming season buys

  1. NailsOfTheUnexpected

    Completely agree with all of this! Especially ‘getting rid of the old’ my nail collection is in serious need of this!!



    Babe! Super cool blog!!! I just started following you on Bloglovin’ :-).. I would appreciate it and would love it if you can follow back!




    1. NailCentric Post author

      So happy you liked it!
      Getting rid of your old stash is reviving and keeps your conscious clean. Especially if, for some reason, you have doubts about the size of your collection :)


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