Hello nail art lovers!

You have been witnessing my half moon fever for a while. I love the half moon trend for spring 2014 and have already shown you my pink and orange color block design as well my half moon wedding nails idea. Half moon nail design is a good break from the all over color but still not too complicated to make and thus to fit the lifestyle of an active girl with many things to do.

Today I want to share with you my blue and mint half moon nail design. I think half moon nails look great in a contrasting color combination so I went for another color block. This time I used a mat top coat and I really love the result. I must admit that a fat top coat blends the design a bit better but if you need a change, go ahead and grab your mat top coat!

Mat blue and mint half moon nails

Mat blue and mint half moon nails

Mat blue and mint half moon nails

Mat blue and mint half moon nails

I will not go into any details how I exactly made the nails as I have used the same technique as in my red and orange color block tutorial linked above. Just change the colors to your liking and mat those nails all over :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

11 thoughts on “Mat blue and mint half moon nail art tutorial

  1. ReneeJay

    Very cute! Oh how I wish I were young again. I’ve always been a plain Jane when it came to my nails… Frosted pinks and/or French was as daring as I got. :-) Thank you for stopping by Tea Room Diaries. I’m glad you enjoyed my writing. :-)


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