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Nail art is a beautiful hobby but it can damage natural nails by drying them, making them brittle and make them look exactly how they are – unhealthy. There are certainly a lot of products out there designed to nourish and soften cuticles, strengthen nails and simply give them back their healthy look. I have tried many but there is one magical remedy which does all the tricks for my nails and at the same time is natural and cheap.

Castor oil! Rich in essential fatty acids, castor oil has had two huge benefits to my nails.

Hydrate and nourish
Pure cold pressed castor oil does magic to nail cuticles leaving them soft and well hydrated. Cuticle appearance is one of the main factors to determine if your hands will look maintained or sloppy.

Castor oil strengthens nails, but keeps them flexible and thus it is easier to grow your manicure at the length you prefer. For a month of use you will notice that your bare nails look buffed, are strengthened, their tips will be white and flexible.

Natural nails

Natural nails

I include a photo of how my bare nails look right now:

How to use?
What I do is simply rub some castor oil in cuticles and bare nails, then go to sleep and allow it to soak in. If you are in a hurry but still want to benefit from this simple nail mask, you can leave it on for a shorter period but be careful to remove all castor oil residue before applying your color. Otherwise, it won’t stick to your nail and will peel off once dry.

Healthy nails as at the-collectiveonline.com Tips for healthier and stronger nails

Healthy nails as at the-collectiveonline.com Tips for healthier and stronger nails

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