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I am happy to welcome you to my column Drugstore Favorites. It is dedicated to my best product finds from the drugstore shelves. If it helps you find at least one reasonably priced and high quality nail product, its mission will be completed :)
Some of my all time favorite mainstream nail products are Rimmel London nail polishes from the Pro line with Lycra. Almost all of my nails tutorials feature a Rimmel London product and this is because their polishes turned out to be a great fit for my criteria of a good mainstream nail product. Currently I own three shades: Cocktail Passion, Grape Sorbet and Jazz Funk. The latter is from Rimmel London Kate Moss color collection. Also you can check out my 3 best top coats post.

For this post I have not received any products, or payment, or any kind of sponsorship by Rimmel London company. So read on to see my sincere reasons to love these drugstore finds!

I got the images from the African online store Bid or Buy.

♥ reason 1: They save time
The nail polish formula of Rimmel Lomdon Pro line with Lycra is very pigmented. You get vivid colors with only two coats which saves time for color application. Also, less coats on nails means faster so you are good to go within minutes after color has been applied.

♥ reason 2: They are easy to apply
These polishes can be applied literally with one single stroke. They come with a fat rounded brush which fits the nails and allows to cover them with the right amount of polish with only one motion. I really appreciate being able to work so easily, it is a great plus that with such an easy brush your cuticles stay clean most of the times :)

♥ reason 3: They are available and affordable
Rimmel London nail polishes are easy to get. They are in almost every drugstore and mainstream cosmetics store. New lines quickly hit the store shelves and you can just buy them without online orders, waiting, the risk if blind buying, etc. Prices may vary in different locations but are always pocket friendly.

♥ reason 4: Formula does not thicken
I have had my Cocktail passion for more than a year and every time I reach for it, which is often as I now have only a tiny bit left, it feels like new. Formula stays fresh for a long time which makes these polishes great to include into a planned collection as you may rely they will be there and in good condition when you need them.

♥ reason 5: They last
I am amazed how nail polishes from this line wear in time. Color does not fade or chip for days. This is a photo from my Color block zebra manicure tutorial. I could not get my husband, who is also my blog photographer, take the photos for it for 3 days. So these pictures are taken on the fourth day of nail polish application. The vibrant pink is Cocktail Passion. Pretty well, I say :)

Easy zebra color block nail art

Easy zebra color block nail art

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!.

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