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I recently bumped on an Essie products sale at a local beauty store and had to take advantage of it! While browsing the discount shelves I decided to get my hands on something of that brand I had not tried before. And there it was, beautifully packaged and appealing with its promise, Essie Good to Go, the fast drying top coat. You could not blame me for snatching a bottle at least because I’ll tell you my honest view on it :)

Essie Good to Go comes in an individual package with a mini nail polish stand inside. It looks appealing and more like a nail care product. It comes in a classic 15 ml Essie bottle.

Essie Good to Go has a rather runny formula which is a good thing for me as I am a bit tired of those overly thick and difficult to work with fast dry top coats out there (yes Seche, it is you I am referring to). It is very easy to apply this top coat with the fat brush which is wide enough to pick the right amount of formula and to cover the whole nail with one stroke.

What it does
First, while I was counting seconds to see if Essie Good to Go will impress me with its drying speed, I immediately noticed this full coverage shine on my nails. They got that brilliant look almost immediately so shine is definitely a strong point for this top coat. This is a photo of this top coat over Manhattan Rock Topia limited edition nail polish #4. You can see the glass like effect of the color.

Manhattan Rock Topia #4 with Essie Good to Go top coat

Then, it dries fast. I mean it dries surprisingly amazingly fast not only on the surface but somehow in between the nail polish layers. It sets color within seconds and 2 minutes are perfectly enough to say your nails are done. I can say this top coat saved an hour of my life that day I first tried it and an hour more of each day I will use it. This is exactly how much time I am like paralyzed after doing my nails and afraid to touch anything so that I won’t ruin my freshly done nails.

Last, it wears great. With Good to Go on I can enjoy that brilliant shine for at least three days in a row which is perfect for me. After a while it gets a little flat but if you feel your manicure has a couple more days of life to it, go ahead and apply the top coat again. Magic happens still :)

Price range and availability
Essie Good to Go is on the pricier side for a top coat and I must admit if it was not for that Essie products sale I would not have shelled that money on a top coat. But now as I think of all top coats I have tried only to get disappointed, this Good to Go one may be worth its price. You can get it at any Essie counter at your local beauty store, at online beauty retailers as well as official Essie site so I would say it is easy to find.

After having worn it for a while I should say it works great with all kinds of nail polish brands. Another thing is it does not smudge nail art and does a great job to smooth out a nail design and make all coats of nail polish blend perfectly.

My verdict
I should definitely change my all time favorite top coats list and save Essie Good to Go a place as it is a great product.

Have you tried Essie Good to Go? What did you think of it? What is your fav top coat, I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

5 thoughts on “Essie Good to Go fast drying top coat review

  1. Maru

    I struggle so much with top coats! They all promisse to make your nail polish last and they don’t. I will definitely try this one, thank you for the review! Oh I finally answered the Liebster Awards questions, thank you so much for nominating me, it was so much fun :)


    1. NailCentric Post author

      Try this top coat on my word, chances you will love it are huge! I am happy you enjoyed paying the Liebster award forward, will check your blog as soon as I get a minute! x


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