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You know I love animal print nails for they make a great accent in a nail art design. I have shown you all kinds of animals including a zebra, a tiger, a snake and even a butterfly and today I want to show you an easy leopard print manicure. Read on for a tutorial how to make these animal nails.

Peach leopard print nail art

Peach leopard print nail art

Peach leopard print nail art

Peach leopard print nail art

First, paint some of your nails a peach shade and some of them white.
I wanted to tone down the wild animal effect so I chose a delicate peach for my main color. You will use your white nails for the leopard print so chose them based on where you want that accent to be. I usually choose my ring finger and thumb, I did the same for this manicure, too.

Add the leopard detail.
I love doing leopard nails because the leopard print is rather random and is very difficult to get it wrong. All you need is some random peach polish blobs on your white. These are your while cat spots.

After you have them in place, get some black on a stripping brush and make little lines around the blobs. Tip! Do not cover the whole area around the spots with black, you are aiming for a furry effect rather than a circle. To make your animal skin look more realistic, as any peach leopard should look, add tiny strokes and dots of black in between your leopard spots. This will fill the design and make it look more complete.

I am adding a close up of the leopard nail art to show you how random and a little messy it really is. I am doing this to show you do not have to worry if it is not perfect when you look it from 2 mm distance, it will look great from a normal distance. Tip! Stop telling yourself you won’t try it because you cannot draw, this is not a drawing but few random blobs of color with the cutest effect :)

Peach leopard print nail art

Peach leopard print nail art

Last, add some top coat.
I have said this before, but it won’t hurt if I say it again, so pardon me for sounding like a broken record… Such nail designs with several colors added one after another usually turn patchy. To smooth out the design use a fat clear top coat which will conceal the bumps and lumps. If you want to play a little and go for a more realistic animal skin, you can give your peachy leopard the matte treatment :)

Tip! You can recreate this design using whichever two colors you love. The trick that holds it together is to use one of the base colors for making the blobs for your leopard. If you decide to play with this leopard nail art I’d love to see how it turned out!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. NailCentric Post author

    So glad you like it! The peachy pink nail polish is by Golden Rose and their Fantastic Color collection. It is a jelly finish formula with fine and very delicate shimmer, its number is 212.


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