Butterfly, butterfly,
Where do you go?
“Where the sun shines,
And where the buds grow.”
Children’s song

Hello nail art lovers!

Today I want to show you a butterfly nail art. It is cute and playful, I had a lot of fun making and wearing it. I love nail designs which seem intricate and difficult to make but are actually easy if you follow the few how-to steps. These butterfly wings are that design, read on for a tutorial how to recreate it yourself.

Butterfly wings nail art

Butterfly wings nail art

Butterfly wings nail art

Butterfly wings nail art

First, paint your nails pink.
I thought a vibrant and playful pink shade would be the ideal for this nail art. I picked OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips for the perfect butterfly wings color.

Then, add the black detail.

– add 3 black lines
The black detail of these cute butterfly wings has 3 lines for a base: one closer to your cuticles and shorter and two using it for a start point and crossing the nail almost to its end. Imagine that you are painting the Sun with sun rays as in nursery school but you see a little part of Sun’s body and only two of its rays.

– connect with arcs
When you have your two rays placed, connect their ends with arks or half moons if you wish :)

– paint the end black
Then, color the remaining upper part of the nail black. Your butterfly wing is ready and it will look a lot more like one when we add the final detail.

Then, add white dots.
After your black is in place, add tiny white dots to the end of your nails. They make the wings even cuter and at this point your nail design should look like a butterfly wing.

Last, finish off with a top coat.
A nice clear top coat will make a miracle to smooth out your design and blend all details together. Mine is a strangely shiny butterfly but if you want your nail design to look a bit more real you can add a matte top coat.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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