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Today’s post is dedicated to Stiletto nails. They are trendy, they are exquisite, they are a true statement piece in your look. Celebrities love this long and pointy nail look and this of course made it really popular in the last few years.

The absolute trend setter of stiletto nails is undoubtedly Rihanna. This is her favorite manicure look since 2011 and she shows off her perfect claws in various occasions. Rihanna stiletto nails are a signature item of her celebrity image. Look at some pointy beauties which have been circulating the internet for a while.

Rita Ora is another music diva who loves her stiletto nail look. Her nails are not too pointy but a little rounded. This is still a great look plus she often has some interesting nail art to decorate her manicure. I love how fun her nail designs look.

I will be posting another portion of celebrity stiletto nails soon, so stay tuned!

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