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This post is dedicated to how you can build a low cost nail polish collection. I promise this is absolutely possible and will share with you my secret for reasonable and worthy nail color purchases.

Nail polish collection pic from chicprofile.com

Nail polish collection pic from chicprofile.com

TIP 1: Identify your favorite color… and STOP buying it!
OK, admit it, you love pink (or blue or glitter or whatever). And how many nail polish bottles in that shade do you own… two, five, maybe more? I am sure that if you are being honest to yourself, the answer will be: more than I need. Instead of buying the next same/too similar nail color, invest in some variety and maybe even follow TIP 2 :)

Tulip garden

Tulip garden

TIP 2: Get out of the box
I am not talking to buy a different hue of your all time favorites, I am talking to surprise yourself and get that gorgeous mint color you admire every time you go to the cosmetics store but never buy just because you think it is too bold/strange/posh etc. for you. A standout color in your collection is more likely to be chosen over a zillion of you favorites. Plus, a surprising color will always be there when your mood is right, will give a fun twist to your collection and make it more complete.

TIP 3: Make an educated choice
Emotional purchases are not helping to achieve a completed nail polish collection when you are on a budget. It has happened to all of us. You see something too pretty to be true, immediately fall in love and the next minute you see yourself taking your change not even remembering when you paid for that gem that you now hold :) Instead of risking an emotional purchase, take some time to browse the info for the nail polish or nail color you want to wear. If you have a general idea of the color you want, check for some swatches, inform yourself which brands have that color and then choose your best fit.

If you want to get a polish from a specific brand which is not too pocket friendly, check out TIP 4!

TIP 4: Check the drugstore shelves
There is a high chance you will be pleasantly surprised what drugstore brands have to offer. They are up to date with trends, easy to get, plus their prices vary somewhere between really cheap and very pocket friendly. For the sake of a low cost nail polish collection it is worth it to give a chance to some drugstore finds. Keep following TIP 3 and 4 and maybe high priced brands will have some good competition in the mainstream cosmetic store.

TIP 5: Take part in nail polish swaps
Nail polish swaps are great for building your nail polish collection. If you feel bored with a color, or if you have neglected TIP 1 too many times, it is time to look for a local nail polish community which hosts nail color swaps. Look at it this way: you will make someone happy with a color you no longer want and in return you will get the chance to complete your collection for free or for a minimum posting fee. And maybe even make friends :)

TIP 6: Get a nail polish thinner
Nail polish thinner will help prolong the life of nail colors you already own. It is a polish saving product, it has many benefits and is a must have for any collection.  I have dedicated a post to nail polish thinner, you may check it out.

TIP 7: Follow the nail trends
Following the nail trends will give you a clear vision to what is fashionable and what is not. This info helps to understand the priority of your purchases and plan new season picks more easily. Check what’s in for the season and you may be surprised to find you already own enough bottles to create the looks from the trend you prefer. Also, trends may help break the ties if you are hesitating between too many colors but you have the budget for only a few. Check out my nail trends for 2014 post series!

These are my tricks to plan and grow your nail polish collection without hurting your budget. I hope that was helpful and will work for you.

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