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I know how you love painting your nails! It is a fun and creative hobby on the cheaper beauty hobbies side so how can you blame a girl for nail polish addiction :) Truth is sometimes your nails want to do it. Read on for my three signs that you should give your nails a break from your hobby for a while and put more effort in nail care.

Give your nails a break

Give your nails a break

SIGN 1:  Your nails are yellow
Staining is a common problem when using nail polish too often. Darker polishes that you may use to hide the problem seem to make it even worse for their highly pigmented formula. You will hear that nail polish base can prevent stains from appearing but actually I do not agree. My experience with nail polish tells me that sometimes you just have to pay more attention to care rather than to looks. Gently buff nails, nourish them with your favorite product and wear a clear coat, your nails will soon start to look better.

SIGN 2: Your upper nails peel off from their base
This is my worst nightmare as all you can do to get the nail back in its beautiful shape is wait for it to grow back. This takes time and is hard as the nail gets thinner and brittle because you can easily chip it with your daily chores. Filing nails in both directions with an emery board or a metallic file is the most common reason for this issue. I find filing in one direction too time consuming so I went for a glass nail file which works great any way you use it on your nails, I recommend.

SIGN 3: Your cuticles are rough and dry
Using nail polish a lot means also using nail polish remover a lot. Some nail polishes require a soaking nail polish remover procedure to get off your nails. This means your cuticles may have been exposed to nail polish remover chemical too much and/or too often. This dries out the skin around your nails making it look rough and unappealing. To make things better try not to soak it in nail polish remover and make sure you moisturize well.

So girls, do not pass these signs by and give your nails some time off the nail polish chemicals. It is worth and for the better.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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