Hello everyone!

I will feel much better if I tell you my bad manicure secrets. I know I will never give them up and this burden of sin will be more bearable if shared :)

SIN 1: File nails in two directions
I know it tends to damage your nails and in the long term makes them split but… It Is much faster to file in both directions. Also, I do not wear my nails too long so split ends are not really a problem.

SIN 2: Skip the base coat
Yes, I don’t apply base and I have never done it. I know it can prevent nails stains, but I believe it takes too much time to apply and wait for yet another coat on your nails to dry.

SIN 3 Not mind nail polish residue
I admit it, most of the times I am OK if a spot or two have been skipped by the nail polish remover. It is not such a big deal, especially if the color I will be using next is dark enough to cover all :)


A bad girl :)

A bad girl :)

Thanks for reading!.

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