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I am so excited to tell you about my new natural colors palette! I got three shades of Zoya Naturel spring 2014 nail polish range and have for you some swatches and thoughts on the collection.

Zoya Naturel collection features six natural nail colors. I would say they are not ‘natural’ in the way of ‘nude’ but more like in the way of complementing complexion and creating a natural as the opposite of artificial look. Not sure if this makes much sense so I got some photos which I hope will make the whole idea clear.

Zoya Naturel spring 2014 collection

Zoya Naturel spring 2014 collection

Zoya Naturel spring 2014 nail colors of come in classic Zoya nail polish bottles. Bottles are on the larger side as you get 15ml of nail polish, they have a black plastic cap. I find the package stylish and bottles easy to hold.

Formula and Application
Zoya nail polishes are free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin & Camphor, those big five chemicals you do not want on your nails. All Zoya Naturel nail polishes are opaque crèmes. Formula is rather thin but very pigmented so you get full coverage in two thin coats. The brush is flexible enough and incredibly easy to control. These colors have a glossy finish and would not require a top coat if its sole purpose is to add shine to your manicure. I think this collection would make my ultimate office nail wear as it is so fast and easy to get your nails done using these polishes.

All colors from the Naturel 2014 aim to complement different skin tones and provide a natural look. You have them in six shades named after ladies. Zoya Chantal, Zoya Taylor and Zoya Rue are the nude like shades of the range; Zoya Brigitte, Zoya Odette and Zoya Normani have a purplish hue to them.

I think these are great to wear at the office, a business occasion or a formal event as they are delicate yet feminine enough to add some glamour to your look without catching too much attention when you might not want it.

The ones I got and I believe go best with my complexion are:

Zoya Chantal is a nude beige and is a classic skin tone shade. It is the perfect nude nail color if you, like me have a relatively light skin with yellow undertone.

Zoya Chantal swatch

Zoya Chantal swatch

Zoya Brigitte is a sort of a mauve shade with a strong pink hue. I find this shade to  work great with a larger range of skin tones. It builds super easy and leaves you with a refined pink without the pink shade, ideal for business meetings.

Zoya Brigitte swatch

Zoya Brigitte swatch

Zoya Normani is a taupe crème with a delicate purple vibe. It is cool toned and probably my favorite of the whole range. I love cool taupe shades and this one is rather unique for its purple add on.

Zoya Normani swatch

Zoya Normani swatch

These polishes wear great, do not fade, have a glossy finish and you count on at least three days without additional layers and up to a whole work week with a base and top coat.

Price and availability
Zoya nail polishes are on the pricier side and personally I prefer to get them with some kind of promotion. You can get them by different retailer online and offline, I prefer to get mine through official Zoya website. This collection is already available for purchase.

My verdict
I am simply in love with this range. Colors are wearable and suit a lot of occasions. Nail polish formula is safe and easy to apply. These polishes save time for they build to full color with a glossy finish in only two coats. The collection is a bit pricey but if you are lucky to get some discount or find a promotion, definitely go for it!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. I will be  posting a review and swatches post on Zoya Pixie Dust summer 2013 nail polish collection so stay tuned!

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