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Today I want to share with you my top 3 ways to wear glitter nail polish. Glitters are oh-so-shiny! and attractive in those sparkling bottles but when you get one yourself you may realize that you do not use it often. Maybe because going too sparkly does not fit your environment, maybe you think it is difficult to get glitter to work with most outfits, maybe because you get bored of that same effect , etc. Here are my favorite ways to wear glitter and get the most out of it.

Glitter in a jelly sandwich
Jelly sandwich nails are a fun way to play with glitter and nail polish colors. To make a jelly sandwich manicure you will need a jelly nail polish, which is a sheer color with a glossy finish, and any glitter formula. The technique follows the steps of making a sandwich. Jelly nail polish is your bread, so you will apply it first, then apply your glitter, and then finish with another jelly coat. Jelly sandwiches are great for when you do not feel like sparkling in glitter but more like playing with it.

Yellow jelly sandwich nails

Yellow jelly sandwich nails

For this glitter jelly sandwich I used a yellow color in combination with rose gold glitter and topped it up with sheer white.

Glitter as a top coat
No matter if your glitter has a clear or a colored base, it Is ideal as a top coat. You can be shy and apply a thin coat onto regular nail polish colors or you can go bold on it to attract the eye. Whichever it will be, this is for sure a great way to get variety working with what you already have.

Glitter all over
I love using glitter as an allover color. Usually glitter nail polishes come with a clear or at least sheer base and it may be difficult to get full coverage with your regular two or three color layers. This makes glitter manicures take too much time to dry. Tip! If you are looking for an allover color, apply one of three coats in advance, for example the previous night. This is a great preparation so that you can build up full glitter coverage at the same day you will be showing off your nails. You will shorten drying time dramatically and will still be able to play with more glitter coats until you like the result. Tip! To get more glitter on your nails just dip the brush into the formula and then press it on your nails instead of sweeping it as usual. This will leave you with a concentrated blob of glitter so that you will have more material to play with until you like the result.

I prefer using allover glitter as an accent on few nails. Check out my blue and gold nails post to see what I mean.

These were my tips how to use glitter nail polish. Check out my post for how to remove glitter as it may turn out to be the toughest part of all :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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