Hello nail art lovers!

I am a huge fan of water marble nails, I love how intricate and unique the designs using water marble technique turn out and I absolutely hate the fact that this nail art never worked for me. I have read a lot, seen videos of people doing it and ended out wiping off each and every messy and honestly speaking ugly design on my nails. Sometimes I wonder why do I keep trying this thing over and over again…

This post is dedicated to a water marble nail design which I finally liked enough to wear and share :) I will tell you my tips how to make the water marble nail art technique work and I hope it will do as it did for me.

White and gold water marble nails

White and gold water marble nails

White and gold water marble nail design

White and gold water marble nails

White and gold water marble nail art

White and gold water marble nails

TIP1: Use 2 colors
After giving multi color water marble nails a try a few times and never liked the result I finally came to the conclusion that less may be more and tried a design with only two colors. In my photos I alternated opaque white and gold shades until they created a good base to dip your fingers in :)

TIP2: Use warm water
Warm water helps your chosen colors to spread in the cup you are using and make them easier to layer.

TIP3: Dip to a 45 degree angle
I found out that dipping your fingers to an angle across the water surface gives the best result and saves you from wrinkles and bubbles.

TIP4: Do two nails at a time
Dipping two nails together into your water marble design is faster. Also, you can get interesting patterns which complement each other due to the fact that they were picked out of the same base pattern.

TIP5: Use oil to protect your skin
I have seen many bloggers recommend to use tape around your nail which you can remove later and reduce the amount of clean up after each dip into your water marble design. I found this technique time consuming and too messy so I tried oil. Rubbing whatever oil you have in handy into your cuticles and finger will prevent nail polish from sticking to these areas and make the clean up process much easier and quicker.

So these are my ideas to make the water marble nails work.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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