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It has been a while since I have posted anything to match my Stamping ABC post series idea. The manicure of today is a French maicure stamped with blue flowers and then matified with a mat top coat formula.


Vintage French nails stamping project


Vintage French nails stamping project


Vintage French nails stamping project


Vintage French nails stamping project

First, start with French manicure
I used guiding tape to help me make the perfect French manicure tip. If you feel comfortable enough to do it free hand maybe all the tape fuss is not needed because you will be stamping over your French base.

Then, add a vintage stamping design in blue
I chose a vintage flowers design which reminds me of old curtains or tea pots decoration. I chose blue but I believe result will take wine red or gold too.

I used a pattern out of my MoYou London Suki image plate.

Last, finish off with mat top coat
I find adding a mat top coat makes the whole design look velvety and more vintage style. I guess you can still choose a glossy top coat but it may make your flower detail less visible to the eye because of the gloss.stealing the light :)


This was my vintage French manicure idea, I hope you enjoyed!

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