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I am into the textured look lately and have been enjoying some of my favorite textured formulas a lot. Textured formulas may need a bit of special care so here are my top tips on how to get the best out of them.

TIP1: Apply thin coats
I think it is very important to build textured nail color gradually and work with thin layers. This will give you more control over the formula and thus easier application. Some of the textured nail polishes may be a bit more difficult to apply, especially if they are on the rougher side. Applying thin layers is my fool proof approach and has never failed me.

Here is a photo of Zoya Stevie, a great example of a beautiful textured finish with sparkle which is easy to apply and also easy to apply in two thin layers.

Zoya Stevie Pixie Dust summer 2013 swatch

Zoya Stevie Pixie Dust summer 2013 swatch

TIP2: Wait layers to dry
To make sure your texture will dry in a reasonable time, wait until your thin layers are fully dry before you proceed with your next coat. This way you will make sure you won’t end up with a thick and never drying nail polish blob on your nails.

TIP3: Wear smart
Textured formulas are super easy to wear, they usually last a bit longer on nails than regular polishes and also are easy to amend. You have two options to amend your textured nail polish. Add a bit to your chipped areas, usually nail tips. The rough finish of your texture make it easier to add new bits of polish where necessary. You can also add an extra coat within 2-3 days of wear to refresh your color and prolong nail polish wear time on nails.

Zoya Miranda from Zoya Pixie Dust summer 2013 collection is easy to amend for it’s rough finish dies not tell where the touch ups are.

Zoya Miranda Pixie Dust summer 2013 swatch

Zoya Miranda Pixie Dust summer 2013 swatch

TIP4: Get another look with a top coat
Adding clear top coat to a matte textured nail polish, especially if it has glitter added to it may be a whole new experience. This way you will get a new look of your favorite texture, plus it will increase wear time. Top coats tend to sink in most matte textured formulas so it would be great if you use two layers of a fat, gel look top coat.

Here are photos of Zoya Miranda from Zoya Pixie Dust summer 2013 collection without a top coat and with one on my thumb.

Check out my OPI Stay The Night review post for an example how dramatically a textured formula may change if you glaze it.

TIP5: Remove with patience
Textured nail polish, especially with glitter may be a little difficult to remove. Use the count-to-ten rule and hold a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover for 10 seconds onto your nail before you remove the polish. If nail polish is harder to remove, use the aluminum foil technique but do not rub your nails in your attempt to remove stubborn glitter as it may damage your nail surface.

Thanks for reading, I hope these tips will help you enjoy textured nail polish more!

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