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Today I have for you a nail design with that iconic Burberry pattern accent. This beautiful berry color is Raspberry by Barry M.

The Burberry accent I started on a base of opaque nude, my favorite Zoya Chantal. I added two thicker white lines using directly the nail polish brush. The black and raspberry lines I added using a thin brush. I must admit this design was quite a challenge as I am not the best in making straight lines. Anyway, I love the result and think the effort was well worth it :)


Raspberry nail design with Burberry accent


Raspberry nail design with Burberry accent


Raspberry nail design with Burberry accent


Raspberry nail design with Burberry accent

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The idea of creating your own jelly formula has been really tempting for a while. I finally tried it and here is the jelly raspberry nail polish I came out with.


DIY jelly nail polish experiment and tips


DIY jelly nail polish experiment and tips


DIY jelly nail polish experiment and tips

To get your own jelly nail polish formula simply add a few dots of creme formula to a leftover clear top coat. In my photos you see 5 drops of Barry M Raspberry mixed into about 2 ml of L’Oreal Resist and shine clear top coat. I have 4 coats of this DIY jelly nail polish on my nails.

DIY jelly nail polish tips

TIP 1: Choose an opaque creme
Choosing an opaque creme nail polish will help you get the pigmentation you prefer. If your colored formula is too think or sheer you may end up adding color forever with what seems no effect at all.

TIP 2: Add a drop at a time
Add one single drop at a time and mix well so that you can get a better view of your mixture. Adding more color later is easier than trying to dilute an over colored base.

TIP 3: Do not use fast drying top coat
Use a regular / long lasting / strengthening etc. clear nail polish instead of fast drying one. Fast drying top coats do not blend well with added formula and you may end up with a streaky mixture which will not build up beautifully on nails.

So this was my first successful DIY jelly nail polish experiment. My next stop will be a black jelly :)

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It’s been a week since my last post again… I miss the blog, posting and you my lovelies but life has been super hectic these days and I just can’t seem to find a minute for nails. Anyways, I really hope summer will ease things out :)

Today I have for you one of my greatest nail polish finds. This is Caviar formula by Dance Legend and my particular gem is called Arovana.

Dance legend Arovana swatches and review

Arovana by Dance Legend review and swatches

Dance legend Arovana swatches

Arovana by Dance Legend review and swatches

Dance Legend Arovana

Arovana by Dance Legend review and swatches

Formula and Application
Arovana is a reddish berry jam jelly base filled with tiny dots in black and white. It goes sheer in one coat but your second coat will leave you with fully built glitter and color. Particles are easy to distribute evenly and give a semi textured effect when the formula dries. In my photos I am wearing Arovana with 2 layers of fast drying top coat to help it dry faster and also to make it look smooth and glossy.

Dance Legend Arovana wears for 4 days with no chips or fades and can wear forever with a few touch ups. If your tips are starting to show after a few days of wear, just seal them with a tiny bit of nail polish and add another layer of top coat. This little trick gave me 2 more days of wear so I had Arovana on for the whole work week and it still looked fresh and beautiful.

My Verdict
I had never come across to a formula similar to Dance Legend Caviar Polish line and I only got one shade to try it out. I am so in love with how great Arovana wears and how much compliment it gets so I will be trying more nail polishes from this amazing line.

What do you think of Dance Legend Arovana? Do you love the look as much as I do?
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Today’s post is my first nail polish comparison on the blog.

Essie Shearling Darling OPI Visions of Love

Essie Shearling Darling and OPI Visions of Love comparison and swatches

The stars are the dark and vampy Essie Shearling Darling and OPI Visions of Love. Both are winter 2013 releases and look like each other very much. I love deep reds and I am happy I have these in my collection but with them being so close color siblings I am not sure I would insist on both in future.

To compare the colors I have Essie Shearling Darling on my index and middle fingers and OPI Visions of Love on my ring and little fingers, each in two coats with one layer of top coat. Simply by looking at the swatches you can tell Shearling Darling is a bit lighter than OPI Visions of Love. These shots were taken in daylight and this color difference is much more visible than if you are looking at the colors in artificial light.

Essie Shearling Darling OPI Visions of Love comparison

Essie Shearling Darling (index and middle) and OPI Visions of Love(ring and little)

Essie Shearling Darling OPI Visions of Love swatches

Essie Shearling Darling (index and middle) and OPI Visions of Love(ring and little)

The formula of these two is rather different though. Essie Shearling Darling is a creme, super easy to apply and build perfect coverage in two coats. Dries fast and with a top coat wears great for two days. OPI Visions of Love is a sheer creme or a crelly if you wish. First coat goes on a bit patchy and if you do not pay special attention when applying the second coat you may need even a third one to get flawless color. Two coats and a top layer wear perfect for three days.

Both Shearling Darling and Visions of love are awful stainers so I suggest using them over a base and removing them with extra caution or they might color your cuticles in a reddish color and make them look sore.

Thanks for reading my thoughts on these two mysterious beauties, I hope you enjoyed!

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The Oscars, those most craved for movie awards, were already given away to those who most deserve them with their outstanding contribution to cinema in 2013. Apart from the movies, the celebrity fashion and beauty looks are being discussed with passion all over the internet and I think this is the most natural thing to do after the Academy Awards reception :) So I cannot pass this major event without making a closer inspection of celebrities looks from manicure perspective. So welcome back to my Red carpet nails column where we discuss celebrity manicure and do some trend spotting.

If I had to choose one word to describe celebrity nails at the Oscars this year and I was not allowed to choose ‘boring’, I would say ‘classic’. All the glamour at the 2014 Academy Awards was saved for the spectacular dresses and gorgeous beauty looks so nails had to lay back and quietly wait for all this to pass in nudes, pastels and the classic reds :) These were the three categories all celebrity manicures at the 2014 Oscars can go to. Here, it was all documented on these buzzfeed.com photos and I am sure if you can take your eyes away the haute couture dresses and flawless beauty looks you will notice nails… somewhere… there.

Nude nails at the Oscars 2014
Sure, nudes and off-whites are a total nail trend for 2014 so actually the ladies who chose them made a somewhat trendy pick. Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Penelope Cruz, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Jessica Biel were some of the celebrities who went for the natural look.

Shy pastel shades at the 2014 Academy Awards
Pastel shades are another key nail trend for 2014 so some celebrities chose pretty pastels for their nails at the 2014 Academy Awards reception. Jada Pinkett Smith, Julia Roberts, Olga Kurylenko and Robin Roberts were some of the ladies who went for pastel manicure for the big event.

Classic red and burgundy nails at the 2014 Oscars
Classic red is always a safe choice when it comes to nails for a formal occasion. If you do not want to play it safe but  still want to stay in the classy feel, burgundy is an option too. Anna Kendrick, Kerry Washington, Emma Watson, Jennifer Garner and June Squib were some of the celebrities who chose the reds for the Oscars.

There were some exceptions of the categories above like for example Charlize Teron and Sandra Bullock’s black nails but it was pretty much it.

The stiletto nails
Regarding nails shape, stiletto nails are still a top trend and it is not so hard to guess why, they are absolutely gorgeous! Lady gaga, Anne Hathaway,  Kelly Osbourne, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Lupita Nyong’o and Kate Hudson were some of the celebrities who rocked the stiletto nails on the read carpet.

If I were a celebrity, I would choose the nude look for the Oscars event. How about you :)

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Match your lipstick to your nail color, this is my ultimate choice when I want a glamorous yet safe beauty result. I love how matching lip and nail color add some class and style to any outfit, creating a look which will fit any occasion. I browsed my personal cosmetics and nail polish collection to show you my matching lipstick and nail color choices and give some tips to help you make yours.

How to match lip and nail color?

TIP 1: Chose nail color first
I like to choose my nail color first and then find a matching lipstick. This is because nail colors are straightforward and what you see in the bottle is what you get in reality.

TIP 2: Test
When it comes to fine hue tuning test is the way to go! Choose a well stocked beauty store where you can explore colors live. This is especially true for lip color as a printed color on the lipstick box will fail you 99% of the time.

TIP 2: Mind your natural lip color
You have probably noticed that lipsticks tend to look a little different on your lips and this is because lips have a natural color. So if you are not going for an opaque color, it is best to try it out on lips. Personally, I never use public beauty testers on my face so my safe way to make the right choice if opt for creamier formulas which are also thicker and provide more coverage.

TIP 4: Go for a realistic color
This means what it means: do not match your lipstick to navy blue glittery holographic nails :) It will just be difficult to get it right. If you want to match some unconventional color, like blue, chose your lipstick first and match the nail color with it. You are most likely to get the best result with this approach because nail color is easier to find in odd hues and lip colorand you will have more variety to pick from.

TIP 5: Recheck color
It is absolute pleasure to wear the perfect nail and lip color combination but you should check up on the lip color regularly. Lipstick tends to wear off especially as we have a drink or a bite so make sure to reapply lip color regularly to ensure it still matches your nails.

I will show you some examples of lip and nail color pair from my personal collection.

I am not much of a red lip person but when I go for red, my choices are Revlon Lipgloss in Firecracker, #160 and Bourjois Paris 10 days Anti-Choc nail polish collection, #20.
match lip and nail colors

I love hot pink color, my matching lip and nail color choice in this category is Rimmel London Pro collection nail polish in Cocktail Passion, #313 in combination with Maybelline NY Superstay lipstick collection in Stay with me Coral, #430.

match lipstick and nail polish

The enhanced natural look is one of my all time favorites. I opt for Maybelline NY Color Sensational collection, Sweet Pink, #132 and Astor Liquid Care collection Llipgloss in Nude Rose, #103 for lips. I match these two with Essence Colour&Go collection nail polish in English rose, #111.

matching lip and nail colors

As for my oranges, I am not sure how well the photo got the shades, the colors in the two photos below seem very similar… Anyway, my hot orange color choice is YSL lip color from Rouge Volupte Shine collection in Coral, #14 in combination with Astor Fashion Studio nail polish in Orange Cosmos, #237.

matching lip and nail color


My other, more toned down lip corals are Bourjoir Paris lipstick from Rouge Edition collection in Peche cosy, #03 and 3D lipgloss in Orange Fruity, #13. The matching nail color is Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish in cute coral, #70.

match lip and nail colorThanks for reading, I hope this was a useful resource, see you soon!


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Today I want to share with you my thoughts on Essie Repstyle magnetic nail polish collection.

Magnetic nail polishes were a huge trend a few years ago and actually Essie were one of the latest companies to design a magnetic collection and launch it in 2012. However, the 6 shades Essie offer are very classical and can be worn any season and good news is you can now find the Repstyle polishes for a lower price at most online discounter stores.

Essie Repstyle Magnetic nail polish collection

Essie Repstyle Magnetic nail polish collection

Colors of this collection are very stylish and I had a really hard time choosing only two shades. I chose Repstyle and Sssexy for the snake skin color of the first and the absolutely gorgeous red shade of the second. Other colors are grey, beige and green also close to reptile skin colors accompanied with a standout blue color.

I have shown Sssssexy to you in my How to use magnetic nail polish tutorial, I am adding the Repstyle color photos.

Snake skin nails with Essie Repstyle magnetic nail polish

Snake skin nails with Essie Repstyle magnetic nail polish

Snake skin nails with Essie Repstyle magnetic nail polish

Snake skin nails with Essie Repstyle magnetic nail polish

Snake skin nails with Essie Repstyle magnetic nail polish

Snake skin nails with Essie Repstyle magnetic nail polish

Essie Repstyle magnetic polishes are metallic colors which get perked up by a unique magnet induced pattern. They are easy to apply and dry fast. These nail polishes have a big cap which holds a larger magnet. This makes creating the pattern easier. When I use them the sides of my largest nails do not get the pattern though. Without a top coat they do not last more than 2 days so I strongly suggest to take five minutes more to apply your favorite clear coat on top of your design. A big advantage of Essie Repstyle nail polishes over other brand magnetic colors is that they are very easy to take off.

Generally, I absolutely love the Repstyle polish collection because I have never seen a pattern so similar to snake skin. I love snake skin as a fashion accent and have tries several times to create a nail design with this animal print and all attempts were a complete disaster. So to me the Repstyle collection is my chance to pull off a unique nail design I love.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!.