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Now that February is over and spring is closer I got into the roundup mood :). February was a good month for the blog, I created 20 posts, got many comments, it was definitely not a lazy month for blogging :) I decided it would be a good idea if I did a roundup with my favorite posts of each month so you, my lovely readers, can have a second at posts I am most proud of. I think it would be fun to do these roundups at the beginning of each month for the previous one.

So here they are, my February favorites:

rsz_pastel-candy-nailsPastel candy nails with gold studs tutorial

rsz_leopard-print-nail-artHow to create leopard print nails tutorial

rsz_pink-and-blue-girly-nails-with-stones-tutorialHow to make girly pink and blue nails with stones

rsz_wedding-nails-roses-bouquetWedding nails idea with water decals: bridal roses bouquet

rsz_katy-perry-inspired-tiger-manicureHow to get Katy Perry tiger nails tutorial 

It seems I had most fun doing nail designs and nail art tutorials so all my top picks for February roundup are manicure how-tos. Apart from that I got new Liebster award nominations which left me with a total of three. I loved the idea and paid it forward to new and small blogs which I believe deserve more popularity.  I can no longer be nominated for the Liebster award as I already surpassed the limit of 200 Bloglovin’ followers. I had some very popular posts with upcoming nail polish collections too so this roundup post selection was a tough choice.

Which was you favorite February post? Thanks for reading, see you soon!

Hello lovelies!

I recently bumped on an Essie products sale at a local beauty store and had to take advantage of it! While browsing the discount shelves I decided to get my hands on something of that brand I had not tried before. And there it was, beautifully packaged and appealing with its promise, Essie Good to Go, the fast drying top coat. You could not blame me for snatching a bottle at least because I’ll tell you my honest view on it :)

Essie Good to Go comes in an individual package with a mini nail polish stand inside. It looks appealing and more like a nail care product. It comes in a classic 15 ml Essie bottle.

Essie Good to Go has a rather runny formula which is a good thing for me as I am a bit tired of those overly thick and difficult to work with fast dry top coats out there (yes Seche, it is you I am referring to). It is very easy to apply this top coat with the fat brush which is wide enough to pick the right amount of formula and to cover the whole nail with one stroke.

What it does
First, while I was counting seconds to see if Essie Good to Go will impress me with its drying speed, I immediately noticed this full coverage shine on my nails. They got that brilliant look almost immediately so shine is definitely a strong point for this top coat. This is a photo of this top coat over Manhattan Rock Topia limited edition nail polish #4. You can see the glass like effect of the color.

Manhattan Rock Topia #4 with Essie Good to Go top coat

Then, it dries fast. I mean it dries surprisingly amazingly fast not only on the surface but somehow in between the nail polish layers. It sets color within seconds and 2 minutes are perfectly enough to say your nails are done. I can say this top coat saved an hour of my life that day I first tried it and an hour more of each day I will use it. This is exactly how much time I am like paralyzed after doing my nails and afraid to touch anything so that I won’t ruin my freshly done nails.

Last, it wears great. With Good to Go on I can enjoy that brilliant shine for at least three days in a row which is perfect for me. After a while it gets a little flat but if you feel your manicure has a couple more days of life to it, go ahead and apply the top coat again. Magic happens still :)

Price range and availability
Essie Good to Go is on the pricier side for a top coat and I must admit if it was not for that Essie products sale I would not have shelled that money on a top coat. But now as I think of all top coats I have tried only to get disappointed, this Good to Go one may be worth its price. You can get it at any Essie counter at your local beauty store, at online beauty retailers as well as official Essie site so I would say it is easy to find.

After having worn it for a while I should say it works great with all kinds of nail polish brands. Another thing is it does not smudge nail art and does a great job to smooth out a nail design and make all coats of nail polish blend perfectly.

My verdict
I should definitely change my all time favorite top coats list and save Essie Good to Go a place as it is a great product.

Have you tried Essie Good to Go? What did you think of it? What is your fav top coat, I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Hello lovelies!

Today we will have a look at a new nail polish collection for spring 2014 by OPI. What I love about OPI is that they are restless in releasing new collections so you can never get bored with them. This time we are talking about OPI collaboration with The Muppets movie and its outcome: OPI Muppets Most Wanted collection 2014. So welcome back to my Preview column where we talk about anticipated and inspiring nail products that are about to be released!

This is the second nail polish collection created with The Muppets, the previous having been launched for the first Muppets movie in 2013. So once again OPI partners with these little iconic creatures to release theme nail colors in March 2014 for the movie premiere in the United States and in April for international customers. You can get the colors online or at nail salons partnering with OPI.

OPI Muppets Most Wanted spring 2014 nail polish collection
OPI Muppets Most Wanted features eight nail colors with gel like and effects finishes with the cutest  names ever. The gel colors are OPI Muppets World Tour, OPI Let’s Do Anything We Want!, OPI Kermit To Speak and OPI Gaining Mole-Mentum. Effects nail formulas are OPI Miss Piggy’s Big Number, OPI Isn’t Comedy Caper, OPI Chillin Like A Villain and OPI I Love Applause. Here are some lovely photos from my go to destination when it comes to nail polish collections news: chicprofile.com.

OPI Chillin' Like a Villain, OPI Gaining Mole-mentum, OPI I Love Applause

OPI Chillin’ Like a Villain, OPI Gaining Mole-mentum, OPI I Love Applause

OPI Isn't Comedy Caper, OPI Kermit Me to Speak, OPI Let's Do Anything We Want!

OPI Isn’t Comedy Caper, OPI Kermit Me to Speak, OPI Let’s Do Anything We Want!

OPI Miss Piggy's Great Number and OPI Muppets World Tour

OPI Miss Piggy’s Great Number and OPI Muppets World Tour

There will be a mini nail polish pack with OPI Miss Piggys Big Number, OPI I Love Applause, OPI Kermit To Speak and OPI Chilling Like A Villain.

The Muppets movie is about to be released on 21st of March 2013 and I am hoping we will be able to get a hold of this OPI nail polish collection a bit earlier.

Are you getting this collection? Which are your favorite nail colors? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!


Hello lovelies!

I know how you love painting your nails! It is a fun and creative hobby on the cheaper beauty hobbies side so how can you blame a girl for nail polish addiction :) Truth is sometimes your nails want to do it. Read on for my three signs that you should give your nails a break from your hobby for a while and put more effort in nail care.

Give your nails a break

Give your nails a break

SIGN 1:  Your nails are yellow
Staining is a common problem when using nail polish too often. Darker polishes that you may use to hide the problem seem to make it even worse for their highly pigmented formula. You will hear that nail polish base can prevent stains from appearing but actually I do not agree. My experience with nail polish tells me that sometimes you just have to pay more attention to care rather than to looks. Gently buff nails, nourish them with your favorite product and wear a clear coat, your nails will soon start to look better.

SIGN 2: Your upper nails peel off from their base
This is my worst nightmare as all you can do to get the nail back in its beautiful shape is wait for it to grow back. This takes time and is hard as the nail gets thinner and brittle because you can easily chip it with your daily chores. Filing nails in both directions with an emery board or a metallic file is the most common reason for this issue. I find filing in one direction too time consuming so I went for a glass nail file which works great any way you use it on your nails, I recommend.

SIGN 3: Your cuticles are rough and dry
Using nail polish a lot means also using nail polish remover a lot. Some nail polishes require a soaking nail polish remover procedure to get off your nails. This means your cuticles may have been exposed to nail polish remover chemical too much and/or too often. This dries out the skin around your nails making it look rough and unappealing. To make things better try not to soak it in nail polish remover and make sure you moisturize well.

So girls, do not pass these signs by and give your nails some time off the nail polish chemicals. It is worth and for the better.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Hello lovelies!

Today I want to share with you my top 3 ways to wear glitter nail polish. Glitters are oh-so-shiny! and attractive in those sparkling bottles but when you get one yourself you may realize that you do not use it often. Maybe because going too sparkly does not fit your environment, maybe you think it is difficult to get glitter to work with most outfits, maybe because you get bored of that same effect , etc. Here are my favorite ways to wear glitter and get the most out of it.

Glitter in a jelly sandwich
Jelly sandwich nails are a fun way to play with glitter and nail polish colors. To make a jelly sandwich manicure you will need a jelly nail polish, which is a sheer color with a glossy finish, and any glitter formula. The technique follows the steps of making a sandwich. Jelly nail polish is your bread, so you will apply it first, then apply your glitter, and then finish with another jelly coat. Jelly sandwiches are great for when you do not feel like sparkling in glitter but more like playing with it.

Yellow jelly sandwich nails

Yellow jelly sandwich nails

For this glitter jelly sandwich I used a yellow color in combination with rose gold glitter and topped it up with sheer white.

Glitter as a top coat
No matter if your glitter has a clear or a colored base, it Is ideal as a top coat. You can be shy and apply a thin coat onto regular nail polish colors or you can go bold on it to attract the eye. Whichever it will be, this is for sure a great way to get variety working with what you already have.

Glitter all over
I love using glitter as an allover color. Usually glitter nail polishes come with a clear or at least sheer base and it may be difficult to get full coverage with your regular two or three color layers. This makes glitter manicures take too much time to dry. Tip! If you are looking for an allover color, apply one of three coats in advance, for example the previous night. This is a great preparation so that you can build up full glitter coverage at the same day you will be showing off your nails. You will shorten drying time dramatically and will still be able to play with more glitter coats until you like the result. Tip! To get more glitter on your nails just dip the brush into the formula and then press it on your nails instead of sweeping it as usual. This will leave you with a concentrated blob of glitter so that you will have more material to play with until you like the result.

I prefer using allover glitter as an accent on few nails. Check out my blue and gold nails post to see what I mean.

These were my tips how to use glitter nail polish. Check out my post for how to remove glitter as it may turn out to be the toughest part of all :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Hello lovelies!

Match your lipstick to your nail color, this is my ultimate choice when I want a glamorous yet safe beauty result. I love how matching lip and nail color add some class and style to any outfit, creating a look which will fit any occasion. I browsed my personal cosmetics and nail polish collection to show you my matching lipstick and nail color choices and give some tips to help you make yours.

How to match lip and nail color?

TIP 1: Chose nail color first
I like to choose my nail color first and then find a matching lipstick. This is because nail colors are straightforward and what you see in the bottle is what you get in reality.

TIP 2: Test
When it comes to fine hue tuning test is the way to go! Choose a well stocked beauty store where you can explore colors live. This is especially true for lip color as a printed color on the lipstick box will fail you 99% of the time.

TIP 2: Mind your natural lip color
You have probably noticed that lipsticks tend to look a little different on your lips and this is because lips have a natural color. So if you are not going for an opaque color, it is best to try it out on lips. Personally, I never use public beauty testers on my face so my safe way to make the right choice if opt for creamier formulas which are also thicker and provide more coverage.

TIP 4: Go for a realistic color
This means what it means: do not match your lipstick to navy blue glittery holographic nails :) It will just be difficult to get it right. If you want to match some unconventional color, like blue, chose your lipstick first and match the nail color with it. You are most likely to get the best result with this approach because nail color is easier to find in odd hues and lip colorand you will have more variety to pick from.

TIP 5: Recheck color
It is absolute pleasure to wear the perfect nail and lip color combination but you should check up on the lip color regularly. Lipstick tends to wear off especially as we have a drink or a bite so make sure to reapply lip color regularly to ensure it still matches your nails.

I will show you some examples of lip and nail color pair from my personal collection.

I am not much of a red lip person but when I go for red, my choices are Revlon Lipgloss in Firecracker, #160 and Bourjois Paris 10 days Anti-Choc nail polish collection, #20.
match lip and nail colors

I love hot pink color, my matching lip and nail color choice in this category is Rimmel London Pro collection nail polish in Cocktail Passion, #313 in combination with Maybelline NY Superstay lipstick collection in Stay with me Coral, #430.

match lipstick and nail polish

The enhanced natural look is one of my all time favorites. I opt for Maybelline NY Color Sensational collection, Sweet Pink, #132 and Astor Liquid Care collection Llipgloss in Nude Rose, #103 for lips. I match these two with Essence Colour&Go collection nail polish in English rose, #111.

matching lip and nail colors

As for my oranges, I am not sure how well the photo got the shades, the colors in the two photos below seem very similar… Anyway, my hot orange color choice is YSL lip color from Rouge Volupte Shine collection in Coral, #14 in combination with Astor Fashion Studio nail polish in Orange Cosmos, #237.

matching lip and nail color


My other, more toned down lip corals are Bourjoir Paris lipstick from Rouge Edition collection in Peche cosy, #03 and 3D lipgloss in Orange Fruity, #13. The matching nail color is Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish in cute coral, #70.

match lip and nail colorThanks for reading, I hope this was a useful resource, see you soon!


Hello lovelies!

What I know for sure for every collection is that it is meant to grow in time and this is what my nail polish collection has been doing steadily over the past few years. So I figured it was high time for me to say goodbye to the good old shoe box where I used to store my nail polishes and come up with a better storage idea. I needed something that would display my bottles in an easy to reach way and will fit in room decoration so I do not have to hide that shoe box in the closet. So here it is, my choice for a pretty and practical DIY nail polish storage, the candy jar!

DIY nail polish storage idea: the candy jar

DIY nail polish storage idea: the candy jar


DIY nail polish storage idea: the candy jar

DIY nail polish storage idea: the candy jar

A candy jar has way more PROs than CONs for nail polish storage and I will share the reasons I chose it for my nail polish collection.

PRO 1: Great display
The candy jar is at the same time a storage solution and a display. You can see through glass and easily reach for the color you need. Tip! Make sure you can put your hand into the candy jar easily!

PRO 2: It is available
This storage solution is easy to find and you will not have to order stands, install them, drill your walls and pay the high price professional products usually have. I got my candy jar at IKEA for a decent price and among a good amount of choices. Many house oriented shops will offer you different candy jar designs and those you love are at your fingertips, ready to go home with you now!

PRO3: Cute decoration
The candy jar makes a beautiful home decoration. You can alter its design to fit your room design. I love how personal this storage solution is after you decorate it. A bow or an old T-shirt or some paper scraps is all you need to add character to your DIY nail polish display. For my jar I used scraps of paper, a few studs and some lace, all of them from previous projects. I decorated only the lid so that the jar will be cute and practical enough and I would see what is inside.

DIY nail polish storage idea: the candy jar

DIY nail polish storage idea: the candy jar

DIY nail polish storage idea: the candy jar

DIY nail polish storage idea: the candy jar

DIY nail polish storage idea: the candy jar

DIY nail polish storage idea: the candy jar

Unfortunately, a single candy jar is very unlikely to fit all of your polishes so I have two tips for you. Tip! Take out your most used and loved nail polishes for the season and put the in the jar. If you know you will not be using black glitter or Christmas greens in spring, just put them away! Take out the polishes you reach out for the most and display them in your cute candy jar! Tip! Get several candy jars to fit your whole collection. I figured that for my collection I would not need more than 3 or 4 large candy jars. You can play with decoration and put them on different places to freshen the room design or you can stack them together so that will l look like real candy treat display :)

So that was my nail polish storage idea, I hope you enjoyed! I would love to know how you store your nail polish collection!