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Match your lipstick to your nail color, this is my ultimate choice when I want a glamorous yet safe beauty result. I love how matching lip and nail color add some class and style to any outfit, creating a look which will fit any occasion. I browsed my personal cosmetics and nail polish collection to show you my matching lipstick and nail color choices and give some tips to help you make yours.

How to match lip and nail color?

TIP 1: Chose nail color first
I like to choose my nail color first and then find a matching lipstick. This is because nail colors are straightforward and what you see in the bottle is what you get in reality.

TIP 2: Test
When it comes to fine hue tuning test is the way to go! Choose a well stocked beauty store where you can explore colors live. This is especially true for lip color as a printed color on the lipstick box will fail you 99% of the time.

TIP 2: Mind your natural lip color
You have probably noticed that lipsticks tend to look a little different on your lips and this is because lips have a natural color. So if you are not going for an opaque color, it is best to try it out on lips. Personally, I never use public beauty testers on my face so my safe way to make the right choice if opt for creamier formulas which are also thicker and provide more coverage.

TIP 4: Go for a realistic color
This means what it means: do not match your lipstick to navy blue glittery holographic nails :) It will just be difficult to get it right. If you want to match some unconventional color, like blue, chose your lipstick first and match the nail color with it. You are most likely to get the best result with this approach because nail color is easier to find in odd hues and lip colorand you will have more variety to pick from.

TIP 5: Recheck color
It is absolute pleasure to wear the perfect nail and lip color combination but you should check up on the lip color regularly. Lipstick tends to wear off especially as we have a drink or a bite so make sure to reapply lip color regularly to ensure it still matches your nails.

I will show you some examples of lip and nail color pair from my personal collection.

I am not much of a red lip person but when I go for red, my choices are Revlon Lipgloss in Firecracker, #160 and Bourjois Paris 10 days Anti-Choc nail polish collection, #20.
match lip and nail colors

I love hot pink color, my matching lip and nail color choice in this category is Rimmel London Pro collection nail polish in Cocktail Passion, #313 in combination with Maybelline NY Superstay lipstick collection in Stay with me Coral, #430.

match lipstick and nail polish

The enhanced natural look is one of my all time favorites. I opt for Maybelline NY Color Sensational collection, Sweet Pink, #132 and Astor Liquid Care collection Llipgloss in Nude Rose, #103 for lips. I match these two with Essence Colour&Go collection nail polish in English rose, #111.

matching lip and nail colors

As for my oranges, I am not sure how well the photo got the shades, the colors in the two photos below seem very similar… Anyway, my hot orange color choice is YSL lip color from Rouge Volupte Shine collection in Coral, #14 in combination with Astor Fashion Studio nail polish in Orange Cosmos, #237.

matching lip and nail color


My other, more toned down lip corals are Bourjoir Paris lipstick from Rouge Edition collection in Peche cosy, #03 and 3D lipgloss in Orange Fruity, #13. The matching nail color is Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish in cute coral, #70.

match lip and nail colorThanks for reading, I hope this was a useful resource, see you soon!


Hello nail art lovers!

Welcome back to my Preview column where we talk about anticipated and inspiring nail products that are about to be released. I can’t wait to share with you two amazing nail polish collections which will be launched in drugstores by Essence this spring/summer season!

Essence Effects nail polish collection
Essence Effects nail polish collection will hit the drugstore shelves in February 2014. This collection is all about effects! Nail polishes will come in fourteen shades with different finishes: holographic, sugar, jewels and polka dots. This collection promises easy application and great coverage. Bring them on, Essence, so that we can see for ourselves!

Essence Effects nail polish collection spring/summer 2014

Essence Effects nail polish collection spring/summer 2014

Essence Effects nail polish collection spring/summer 2014

Essence Effects nail polish collection spring/summer 2014

Essence Effects nail polish collection spring/summer 2014

Essence Effects nail polish collection spring/summer 2014

Essence Effects nail polish collection spring/summer 2014

Essence Effects nail polish collection spring/summer 2014

Essence Nail Candies nail polish collection
Essence Nail Candies nail polish collection is also planned for a February 2014 international release. It has 7 colors in pastel shades. Pastel colors are a total nail trend for spring/summer 2014 and I am happy this selection will be available in drugstores. These polishes actually promise other benefits for nails than color. They are designed to harden, protect  and even out nails, are fruit scented, dry fast and have a super shine finish. I could surely benefit from all of the above!

Essence Nail Candies nail polish collection spring/summer 2014

Essence Nail Candies nail polish collection spring/summer 2014

I got all beautiful images from chicprofile.com, my ultimate upcoming nail products source.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!.

Hello dear manicure lovers!

Today I want to share with you my best nail art tool ever. I love it, it helps me a lot in maintaining clean and precise nails. We are going to talk about the nail polish corrector pencil, so welcome back to my Manicure Essentials column dedicated to vital nail products other than nail color.

What is it?
Nail polish corrector pencil is basically a stick filled with nail polish remover and equipped with a soft cuticle pusher. When the cuticle pusher tip is fixed onto the pencils top, it gets saturated with polish remover. The fine angled point gives you full control to what and where precisely you want to correct.

How to use the nail polish corrector?
It is as simple as this: just gently touch the nail polish you messed up and wipe away the excess. It happens to everyone, you are in hurry, you put on your polish and you accidentally touch a cuticle with nail color and ruin it all. In this scenario nail polish corrector pencil saves the day. You can even clean up in the design itself. Let’s say you have layered a base color with some stripes but your hand flinched a little. Here comes the nail polish corrector pencil!

This tool usually has several replaceable sticks so it is a multiple use tool. Tip! Dedicate some tips to light nail polishes, some to dark colors and some for brights. This will prevent bolder colors from staining your nails with some burgundy residue from your last clean up.

Essence Studio Nails nail polish corrector pencil

Essence Studio Nails nail polish corrector pencil

I get my pencil at the drugstore and always have one in handy. My choice is Essence Studio Nails nail polish corrector pencil. This particular pencil comes with three replacement tips which leaves you with four tips altogether. I use them up for about 3-6 months and I do a lot of nail art (I try to be careful though).

Thanks for reading and see you soon!.