Hello nail art lovers!

This post was meant to be a nail art idea for Easter but having in mind that happy Easter days are gone now, I guess it is just a colorful egg stamped nail design :) The look is fun and easy to get, it uses the makeup sponge and the stamping technique on two accent nails only.


Multicolor gradient nail art with a makeup sponge tutorial


Multicolor gradient nail art with a makeup sponge tutorial


Multicolor gradient nail art with a makeup sponge tutorial


Multicolor gradient nail art with a makeup sponge tutorial

First, pain your middle and ring fingers white and the others pink
My pink color is Models Own Pink Veneer, a lovely gel formula.
The white color I used is the usual suspect: Essie Blanc. It serves as a base for the colorful design which will be sponged on top.

Then, add other colors with a makeup sponge
Simply get a makeup sponge, add a few drops of different nail color on it and press it on your white base. Repeating this step twice is quite enough to get full coverage of the white color.

Then, add a stamped image in white
I used an Easter theme image as I planned this as an Easter manicure. This image is from the 2013 Holiday Collection from Bundle Monster BM-H10.


Bundle Monster Holiday Collection image plate BM-H10

Last, add a glitter top coat
I like adding a top coat with some kind of effect over sponged designs as I find this smooths out the color and may conceal some harsh edges, if any. I added a thin layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust.

Last year’s Easter I used a similar approach for my Easter nail design, check it out if you enjoy the idea: http://nailcentric.net/easter-nails-konad/

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Hello nail art lovers!

It’s almost Easter time and today’s post is all about candy colors, glitter and polka dots :)

These are gradient nails made with China Glaze What a Pansy and Rimmel Electric. I layered them over a white base with a makeup sponge. To make the gradient look a bit smoother, I added one coat of Essence Bejeweled. Tip! Adding a layer of a fine glitter/holo nail polish on your gradient helps to conceal some of the minor flaws we usually get when using the makeup sponge technique.

I added white polka dots to make your nail look more like colored Easter eggs. I  love how this Easter nail design turned out :)


Easter gradient nail art with polka dots tutorial


Easter gradient nail art with polka dots tutorial


Easter gradient nail art with polka dots tutorial

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed!




Hello lovelies!

Today I want to show you my Easter nails as well as a few new taping products I tried out for this manicure. So welcome back to my Stamping ABC post series where I learn and share about my newbie stamping nail art experience!

I wanted my Easter nails to be colorful, bring joy and resemble hand painted Easter eggs. To start off, I painter my nails white using my Essie Blanc. Then I randomly sponged my China Glazes I recently got and showed you. These are China Glaze What a Pansy, At Vase Value, Grass Is Lime Greener, Petal to the Metal and Sun of a Peach. I stamped on top of this random color boom using some Konad stamping products.


Easter nails with sponge and stamping


Easter nails with sponge and stamping


Easter nails with sponge and stamping

Konad Nails UK liked my Stamping ABC project and sent some of their products my way to test out. I got a full stamping starter kit featuring an image plate, stamp and scraper, black and white special nail polish and a special top coat. I also got image plate m94, an image plate holder as well as their textured nail polish Sandy in Coral Bronze (never knew they did those).


Konad Nails UK products


Konad Nails UK image plates m94 and m36


Konad nail UK products


Konad Nails UK special top coat

Although I have some successful stamping experiments with regular nail polish I could never get any white to work for me. That’s why I was in love when I tried their white special nail polish for this manicure. It stamps great, it is opaque and cover the base color very well. Konad special nail polish left no smudges unlike my regular top coats I have already ranted about. I hven’t used my new image plates yest because I’d already had the design in mind but I love them and will be reviewing and featuring them in designs soon.

Thanks for reading, have great Easter holidays and see you soon!