Hello nail art lovers!

I have missed you and posting so much lately! I have been increadibly busy and this is the reason why I cannot share nail art with you as often as I have inspiration to…

Anyways, today I have for you a simple nail art tutorial. It involves stamping and a clean nude+white design which will be perfect for a bride. Read on to see how I got this effect :)

Nude wedding nails white lace

Nude wedding nails white lace tutorial

Nude wedding nails white lace design

Nude wedding nails white lace tutorial

Nude wedding nails white lace tutorial

Nude wedding nails white lace tutorial

First, start with a matte base
This wedding nail design is basically a stamped pattern on clean nails which has been topped with a French manicure formula to achieve the built in lace effect. To get a pefrect stamp on bare nails, start with applying a nail polish base which dries matte. This will help the stamp print best and adhere to your nail surface easily.

Then, add a stamp in white
After your matte base has dried, add a pattern of your choice to each nail. I used white to get a more romantic and clean look. My pattern is from my MoYou London Suki image plate.

Last, add a sheer nude
I love how a sheer nude formula makes the white pattern integrated into the nail design and softens any harshness. You can use a formula designed for a classic French manicure base. Mine is a bit yellow as I find this hue complements best my skin tone but you can use any you already own and like.

Thanks for having a look at my wedding nails idea, I hope you enjoyed!

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    1. NailCentric Post author

      Back at my wedding day I was not too much into nail art and I opted for a classic French nail design. I would get married with a different manicure if I had to do it these days, there are so many great ideas out there :)


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