Hello everyone!

I am so happy to share a monochrome manicure I recently created.

What is monochrome?
As per Wikipedia description, monochrome is, in short, art in one color or shades of one color. Our nail design is black and white. Well, it features some grey and maybe should be called grayscale, but enough with technical detail and let’s move on to nail art!

monochrome fashion

Monochrome fashion trend and a great article at Terriface terriface01.blogspot.com/2013/07/this-season-trend-monochrome.html

Monochrome was a leading fashion trend for spring/summer 2013 season and is most likely to be leading in 2014 fashion charts too. Black and white designs are easy to color match and you can be sure they go perfectly together and also complement almost any outfit. For my design I chose variety of patterns and finishes to create this scrapbook like look which is very typical for monochrome nails. The difficulty level of monochrome nail art depends solely on your choice. You may go very simple with just alternating color and finish, you may choose one pattern and repeat it in both colors for some or all nails or you may choose something a bit more complex. Personally, I wanted a very fast design and this is how I ended up with my monochrome nails.

Monochrome nail art design

Monochrome nail art design

Monochrome nail art design

Monochrome nail art design

Monochrome nail art design

Monochrome nail art design

DSC_5280First, paint some of your nails white and some of them black
Personally, I painted two fingers in grey because I needed a quick manicure. I chose a liquid sand polish for its textured finish.

Then, leave some fingers in original color and with no design
It is up to you which and how many nails to leave black and white. As these colors carry the whole design out, it is perfectly OK to show them off.

Last, paint with white over black and vice versa
I went lazy for my design so I chose the 3 patterns I recreate most easily – dots, zebra and stripes.
Dots: I’ve shared I do my dots with a wood cuticle pusher stick, using its tip. You can use any tool you prefer – a pin, a bobby pin, a dotting tool. My favorite step by step polka dots tutorial using a pin head is in my comic book nail art post.
Zebra: My favorite zebra step by step tutorial is in my color block zebra post. Stripes: I do free handed stripes. Thick stripes are easier than thin ones as you do not have to worry for every little hand tremble. If you do not feel steady handed, you may try to outline your stripes with tape as in this stripes with tape tutorial by Jezebel. Personally, I do not like the tape result better than the one I get with my hand.
Everything else I left to finishes and nail polish effects. I used a mat top coat on a white and a black finger to and black crackle nail polish over white to create graffiti effect. As mentioned, I used grey liquid sand for my textured nails. And that’s it :)

Products used:
Black: Essie Licorice
White: Essie Blanc
Grey: Rimmel Space dust Shooting star
Mat: Flormar matifying top coat
Crackle: Perfect Graffiti collection, black

Thanks for reading, I hope you and enjoyed!.

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