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When I am in the mood of a cute and girly nail design I usually opt for polka dots. They are fast and easy to make and they always make me smile when I look at my nails. Combined with pastel colors, they are just perfection for the blooming spring around (don’t be too hard for me for exploiting my pastel shades so much, they are so adorable).

So this will be a super straightforward nail art tutorial for how to get mix and match polka dots nails art with pastel colors. I just want to say these nails were super difficult to photograph due to the close color shades and in person your eyes will have much more contrast than the camera has shown.

Pastels and polka dots nails

Pastels and polka dots nails

Pastels and polka dots nails

Pastels and polka dots nails

First, paint some of your nails pastel pink and some of them pastel lilac color
For this nail design I chose Models Own Strawberry Tart for all fingers and Models Own Grape Juice for my ring fingers. You can choose any shades of your liking but to get this designs effect I suggest the colors be rather close hues.

Add polka dots to all nails
To make your nails even cuter, add polka dots. Use pink for your lilac nails and lilac for your pink ones. I think polka dots lo0k best when they are not too close to each other so I applied three to four dots per row. You can you a regular bobby pin of you do not have one of those special dotting tools. I used a regular pin’s head.

At this point your girly nail design is done so you may choose to leave it that way. If you decide to opt for a top coat have in mind that a top coat will make the colors merge a bit more and thus make them look less contrasting. I am telling just in case you chose colors which are too close to each other and my end up looking too much alike.

To add up, I think this manicure will look great with Models Own Blueberry Muffin and Models Own Apple pie. They are still pastel shades of the Models Own Fruit Pastel collection and are close enough to give you a similar effect.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!


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  1. Cachoo Joo

    SO cute!! Great for Spring!! I like how subtle the polka dots are, but still noticeable – great idea of using a bobby pin too! I’ve heard of that before but haven’t seen a picture of how they turn out! Looks amazing! :)


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