Hello nail art lovers!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

I am awful  at coming up with original and fun practical jokes so I’ll stick to nails today :) I played a bit with the needle drag nail art technique and I am happy how this nail design turned out. Needle drag designs are fun to play with but also a bit unpredictable so if you like surprises, stay with me for a tutorial how to get these needle drag flower nails.

What is the needle drag nail art technique?
This technique is basically using a needle to drag wet nail polish onto your nails and this way create various random designs and shapes. When nail polish is not dry you can manipulate it a bit and mix it with another wet color. You may mimic the water marble nails, can create interesting shapes featuring two or more colors, etc. You have to work fast with the needle drag nail art technique as you will have only few seconds to work with the colors while they are still wet but once you find your way to do it, it will be easier.

A key thing to the needle drag design is not being too overwhelmed by precision at all costs. This technique usually holds a surprise and unlike stamping for example is not meant to be print like. So have fun and enjoy!

Flowers using needle drag nail art technique

Flowers using needle drag nail art technique

Flowers using needle drag nail art technique

Flowers using needle drag nail art technique

For this design I used nail polishes from Zoya Naturel spring 2014 collection.
Excuse my cuticles for not being in their best condition ever…

First, paint your nails a nude color
As a base color I used Zoya Chantal from Zoya Naturel spring 2014 nail polish collection. At this point add only one coat of your base color. You will add a second one but one finger at a time so that you will work with wet nail polish. Tip! Try not to add a coat which is too thick in your attempt to buy more time to work while nail polish is wet as this will only leave you with a never drying blob of color you cannot control well.

Add the needle drag flowers
It is important to work one nail at a time. Technique is rather simple but you need to be fast, so get everything ready before you start painting. Tip! Open the caps of the nail colors you are going to use and keep them at hand, have your needle prepped. So this is how it goes: add a second layer of your base color and while it is still wet, add a few  fat dots of different nail colors. While everything is still wet, gently drag the colors around with a needle. You will see how colors merge and create a unique nail design.

For this manicure I used only two colors. These are Zoya Normani and Zoya Brigitte form Zoya Naturel 2014 nail polish collection.

Add a fast drying top coat
For this technique it is necessary to use a fast product at all costs :) Nail drag designs turn out fat and tend to dry very slowly and chances are you will ruin your work if you do not take extra steps  to make everything dry faster. I used Essie Good to Go fast drying top coat but you may try a different product that works for you, for example a drying spray or drying nail drops. I choose to use a top coat as it helps seal the whole design together.

So this is it, the needle drag nail art technique.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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