Hello everyone!

I had so much fun creating my celebrity stiletto nails post that I could not help making another one! So welcome to another post dedicated to Stiletto nails and the way the famous wear them! I have created two inspirational galleries featuring the manicure of two other singers whose music I love: Lana Del Rey and Adele.

Lana wears her stiletto nails long and pointy. She prefers classic red shades, deep bordeaux or a more natural look with beige and skin tone colors. Having said that, you most probably won’t see her with colorful nail art decoration. I love how her manicure looks and lives up to what people say: style is always in trend!

Adele is another singer who prefers the stiletto nail shape. Her manicure is long and noticeable, usually a pop of an interesting shade contrasts her most preferred cloths color: black. Adele’s overall look makes the stiletto shape seem a bit more sophisticated and feminine, I love it!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!.

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