Hello lovelies!

It is barely January and I am already anticipating the spring season. I got hooked to the pastel colors trend for spring/summer this year and I’d love to wear it this season. I am sharing with you my spring 2014 fashion inspiration board dedicated to pastel color trend. Of course, this post is in the Mix Box, my blog section totally unrelated to manicure :)

My picks to pull off the pastel colors fashion trend for spring 2014 are in the inspiration board below.

The parka is mu ultimate choice for a casual outwear. I think it is perfect for spring, as well as autumn and colder summer nights. A pastel color parka can be a key piece in a spring 2014 look. I love this pastel pink 4 pocket jacket from Next.

Ankle boots
I love how versatile these ankle boots by Dr. Martens are. The colors seem a little pretentious but the boots themselves are a versatile spring shoe option. I love how they look with skinny jeans, skirts and dresses and it you do not want to show them off too much, you can always wear them with the good old bootcut jeans pair on top.

Candy color jeans
Spring is the best season to freshen up the look so that it goes perfectly with new  nature colors and finally there sunshine :) I love the candy colored pastel jeans for a casual and youthful look.

Hair color
As much as I love ombre hairstyle I will not go for pastel lilac all over. Anyways, my spring hair refreshment look features pastel colored hair extensions to clip in hair. Colorful clip in hair strands are a great way to keep up with the trend without giving up your right to go back to natural when you have an important business meeting.

Multiple bracelets
From all jewellry out there my favorite piece must be the bracelet. Rolled up sleeves are my signature thing so bracelets fit just right there and make a perfect way to wear a trend. A multiple pastel color bracelet will complete a look no matter of the main color you have chosen for your look. I love Next’s Pastel expander bracelet.

Pastel nails
Pastel nails are a strong nail trend for 2014 and I will wear them with pleasure. I find the pale yellow shade more unique and rare so I will be looking for this color as soon as spring 2014 nail polish collections hit the stores this season.

Thanks for sharing my inspiration! Will you be rocking the pastel trend this spring/summer season?.

Hello everyone!

This is the second post in my Mix Box blog section, dedicated to things other than nail art I want to share with you. This tine I want to show you a birthday card I created for a dear friend of mine. I love scrap booking and keep flooding my friends with hand made cards for various occasions and this is the particular reason why you are not seeing a manicure related post today :)

For those of you who also have the scrap booking hobby… I used mainly Bo Bunny Mama-razi collection papers, stickers and studs + some designer paper leftovers. The The Mama-razi paper are not double sided, so a attached a design matching paper on the card back. The stickers on the bottom right show the my friend’s birth date, which is todaaay, yaaay!The vintage photo on the card front is detachable, it opens and holds wishes to the birthday girl. It took me a whole afternoon to make it, I hope it will make a special person happy.

Thanks for reading!.

Hello everyone!

It has been some time since Gwen Stefani mentioned nailcentric.net on Twitter but I am still too thrilled to blog about it! You can image my excitement when I saw my Gwen Stefani nail polish collection post cited by Gwen herself to over one million people! I really can’t find words to describe this emotion so I will just brag with the snapshot below :)

Thanks Gwen, it means so much!

Thanks Gwen, it means so much!

Thanks Gwen, it means so much!.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my first post in the Mix Box blog section. The Mix Box is reserved for topics which are not related to manicure but I still want to share with you.

I spent the whole morning happily choosing spring/summer clothes for my baby boy. “Wow, they grow so fast!” crossed my mind a zillion times :) But I also had some reasonable thoughts that may be useful to you when shopping for kids clothes. I will share with you what I got from my successful and totally failed kids shopping experience.

How to choose the best kids clothes

How to choose the best kids clothes

Plan a season ahead
The best time to do kids spring/summer shopping is… winter. To be more precise: winter sales. The same goes for winter clothes. You will get the best deals if you browse the clearance sections. I am not saying that you will have to make your baby wear Christmas sweaters on the beach but there are always some good pieces which will fit at least 3 of 4 seasons. Good examples are zipper sweatshirts, hoodies, under garments, t-shirts which can also serve as underwear, etc. Put your imagination to work and save your wallet some cash while making your discount picks :)

Get a larger size
Let’s face it, our kids grow up oh so fast! Sometimes moms end up with new clothes which still have their price tag attached and are already small for your precious one to wear. To avoid getting new clothes too often just get them slightly larger than your child’s current size. You can roll sleeves and pants up for a while until your baby grows to fit them, and too soon after outgrows them.

Get mix and match sets
I find mix and match clothes sets easiest to use. You always have an outfit ready for your precious as soon as you choose clothes from the same line. Many companies launch these lines of perfectly thought over pieces which go perfectly well together from the hat to the sock.

Look for value packs
Some clothing pieces come in value packs. These are a larger number of the same piece, combined together to offer a better price. It is similar to a wholesale purchase: if you buy 5, you will get a better price. I always get value packs for short and long sleeve bodysuits, sleep suits and socks. These pieces are always highly exploited and I need to have a larger number. Than why not at a better price, right?

Prefer quality to quantity
Maybe the most important feature of kids clothes is durability. Children are in their nature abusers in so many ways :) Your kids clothes are more likely to get stained, torn, washed on a 60 degree program than any other piece of fabric out there. So you need good quality fabrics to ensure your child feels comfortable wearing them and also that they will survive the process above.

I will share with you the clothes gallery I made for my boy. All images are from Next where I usually get kids clothes inspiration and deals. My clothes sets are all boy sets but I believe tips here are valid for buying girls clothes too!

How to choose the best kids clothes: mix and match sets

How to choose the best kids clothes: mix and match sets

How to choose the best kids clothes: mix and match sets

How to choose the best kids clothes: mix and match sets

What not to do when shopping for kids clothes?
There is one thing I strongly believe you should not do when shopping for kids clothes. Do not bring your child with you! Kids will spend their time much more happily playing, napping or doing kids stuff instead of having to accompany you to a shopping spree. You do not need an unhappy, bored and nervous child around, believe me! So either go alone or shop online. Tip! If you decide to go shopping without your child, bring a few of their clothes with you as this may break the ties if you are hesitating between two possible sizes.

Thanks for reading this unrelated stuff from my Mix Box, I hope it was useful!.

Guest bloggers are welcome!

Guest bloggers are welcome!

Hello dear fellow bloggers!

I am happy to invite you to my Guest room! This is a place where I welcome guest bloggers and their guest posts on everything fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

If you think nailcentric.net guest room will offer you comfort and inspiration to share, please get in touch! My email is nailcentric@gmail.com and my @NailCentirct Twitter page is here: https://twitter.com/NailCentirc.

The idea
Guest posts will be published on a Saturday. Feel encouraged to put your potential to work for a witty and intriguing post with good imagery. By taking part in my guest blogging initiative you will help make my readers happy with genuine content which comes from a place other than the nail art world. In exchange I will be glad to use all my channels to share your contribution.

How to join
It would be best if you tell me your general post idea in advance. It would be enough to send me your idea for a guest post and a link to your blog. I’d love to include a photo of the guest blogger and a short bio so that you can get a proper introduction :)

Post criteria
Generally, posts should follow the bloggers ethics. Only original posts created by you are welcome to the Guest room. If you are not the sole author of text or images, all sources should be clearly quoted. You are free to choose the topic as soon as it’s something related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle and all categories these may include.

Looking forward to your guest posts!.