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Match your lipstick to your nail color, this is my ultimate choice when I want a glamorous yet safe beauty result. I love how matching lip and nail color add some class and style to any outfit, creating a look which will fit any occasion. I browsed my personal cosmetics and nail polish collection to show you my matching lipstick and nail color choices and give some tips to help you make yours.

How to match lip and nail color?

TIP 1: Chose nail color first
I like to choose my nail color first and then find a matching lipstick. This is because nail colors are straightforward and what you see in the bottle is what you get in reality.

TIP 2: Test
When it comes to fine hue tuning test is the way to go! Choose a well stocked beauty store where you can explore colors live. This is especially true for lip color as a printed color on the lipstick box will fail you 99% of the time.

TIP 2: Mind your natural lip color
You have probably noticed that lipsticks tend to look a little different on your lips and this is because lips have a natural color. So if you are not going for an opaque color, it is best to try it out on lips. Personally, I never use public beauty testers on my face so my safe way to make the right choice if opt for creamier formulas which are also thicker and provide more coverage.

TIP 4: Go for a realistic color
This means what it means: do not match your lipstick to navy blue glittery holographic nails :) It will just be difficult to get it right. If you want to match some unconventional color, like blue, chose your lipstick first and match the nail color with it. You are most likely to get the best result with this approach because nail color is easier to find in odd hues and lip colorand you will have more variety to pick from.

TIP 5: Recheck color
It is absolute pleasure to wear the perfect nail and lip color combination but you should check up on the lip color regularly. Lipstick tends to wear off especially as we have a drink or a bite so make sure to reapply lip color regularly to ensure it still matches your nails.

I will show you some examples of lip and nail color pair from my personal collection.

I am not much of a red lip person but when I go for red, my choices are Revlon Lipgloss in Firecracker, #160 and Bourjois Paris 10 days Anti-Choc nail polish collection, #20.
match lip and nail colors

I love hot pink color, my matching lip and nail color choice in this category is Rimmel London Pro collection nail polish in Cocktail Passion, #313 in combination with Maybelline NY Superstay lipstick collection in Stay with me Coral, #430.

match lipstick and nail polish

The enhanced natural look is one of my all time favorites. I opt for Maybelline NY Color Sensational collection, Sweet Pink, #132 and Astor Liquid Care collection Llipgloss in Nude Rose, #103 for lips. I match these two with Essence Colour&Go collection nail polish in English rose, #111.

matching lip and nail colors

As for my oranges, I am not sure how well the photo got the shades, the colors in the two photos below seem very similar… Anyway, my hot orange color choice is YSL lip color from Rouge Volupte Shine collection in Coral, #14 in combination with Astor Fashion Studio nail polish in Orange Cosmos, #237.

matching lip and nail color


My other, more toned down lip corals are Bourjoir Paris lipstick from Rouge Edition collection in Peche cosy, #03 and 3D lipgloss in Orange Fruity, #13. The matching nail color is Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish in cute coral, #70.

match lip and nail colorThanks for reading, I hope this was a useful resource, see you soon!


Hello dear nail art addicts!

This post is dedicated to how you can build a low cost nail polish collection. I promise this is absolutely possible and will share with you my secret for reasonable and worthy nail color purchases.

Nail polish collection pic from chicprofile.com

Nail polish collection pic from chicprofile.com

TIP 1: Identify your favorite color… and STOP buying it!
OK, admit it, you love pink (or blue or glitter or whatever). And how many nail polish bottles in that shade do you own… two, five, maybe more? I am sure that if you are being honest to yourself, the answer will be: more than I need. Instead of buying the next same/too similar nail color, invest in some variety and maybe even follow TIP 2 :)

Tulip garden

Tulip garden

TIP 2: Get out of the box
I am not talking to buy a different hue of your all time favorites, I am talking to surprise yourself and get that gorgeous mint color you admire every time you go to the cosmetics store but never buy just because you think it is too bold/strange/posh etc. for you. A standout color in your collection is more likely to be chosen over a zillion of you favorites. Plus, a surprising color will always be there when your mood is right, will give a fun twist to your collection and make it more complete.

TIP 3: Make an educated choice
Emotional purchases are not helping to achieve a completed nail polish collection when you are on a budget. It has happened to all of us. You see something too pretty to be true, immediately fall in love and the next minute you see yourself taking your change not even remembering when you paid for that gem that you now hold :) Instead of risking an emotional purchase, take some time to browse the info for the nail polish or nail color you want to wear. If you have a general idea of the color you want, check for some swatches, inform yourself which brands have that color and then choose your best fit.

If you want to get a polish from a specific brand which is not too pocket friendly, check out TIP 4!

TIP 4: Check the drugstore shelves
There is a high chance you will be pleasantly surprised what drugstore brands have to offer. They are up to date with trends, easy to get, plus their prices vary somewhere between really cheap and very pocket friendly. For the sake of a low cost nail polish collection it is worth it to give a chance to some drugstore finds. Keep following TIP 3 and 4 and maybe high priced brands will have some good competition in the mainstream cosmetic store.

TIP 5: Take part in nail polish swaps
Nail polish swaps are great for building your nail polish collection. If you feel bored with a color, or if you have neglected TIP 1 too many times, it is time to look for a local nail polish community which hosts nail color swaps. Look at it this way: you will make someone happy with a color you no longer want and in return you will get the chance to complete your collection for free or for a minimum posting fee. And maybe even make friends :)

TIP 6: Get a nail polish thinner
Nail polish thinner will help prolong the life of nail colors you already own. It is a polish saving product, it has many benefits and is a must have for any collection.  I have dedicated a post to nail polish thinner, you may check it out.

TIP 7: Follow the nail trends
Following the nail trends will give you a clear vision to what is fashionable and what is not. This info helps to understand the priority of your purchases and plan new season picks more easily. Check what’s in for the season and you may be surprised to find you already own enough bottles to create the looks from the trend you prefer. Also, trends may help break the ties if you are hesitating between too many colors but you have the budget for only a few. Check out my nail trends for 2014 post series!

These are my tricks to plan and grow your nail polish collection without hurting your budget. I hope that was helpful and will work for you.

Thanks for reading!


Hello nail art lovers!

By now you have probably got that I am a huge fan of nail polish effects. Polishes with added effect such as glitter, sand, etc. are fast and easy to use and give your manicure that extra something without taking too much time. One of my favorite nail polish effect is the one you get with magnetic nail polish. In this post I will give you some tips how to get the most of magnetic nail polishes.

What is magnetic nail polish?
Basically, magnetic nail polish is a nail color mixed with fine metal shavings. These polishes usually come with a magnetic cap. When placed over the freshly applied color, the magnet causes metal shavings to react and form a pattern. The pattern itself is the result we are aiming to get :)

Magnetic nail polish snake skin manicure

Magnetic nail polish snake skin manicure

Magnetic nail polish snake skin manicure

Magnetic nail polish snake skin manicure

Magnetic nail polish snake skin manicure

Magnetic nail polish snake skin manicure

Magnetic nail polish snake skin manicure

Magnetic nail polish snake skin manicure

This is a design I achieved with Essie Repstyle magnetic color collection. My color is called Sssssexy. I love the result  and would recommend the line :)

Once you get used to it, it is fairly simple to use magnetic nail polishes. I will give you the general steps + some extra advice that will give you the best result, I promise!

First, apply a thin coat of the formula on your bare nails.
The first coat you apply should be thin and neat. Take some time to be precise with this step, the outcome depends on the application of your first coat. Tip! Do not use a base coat to prep your nails for magnetic polish as this may make your pattern look patchy.

Second, form the pattern with the magnet.
You should form the pattern one nail at a time! Apply a thick coat on the nail and immediately place the magnet over it. You should stay one mm away from the nail so the magnet won’t touch it and ruin the freshly applied polish. Wait for 10 seconds and Voila! now you have a beautiful patterned design!

Here are some additional tips to get the most out of magnetic formulas:
TIP 1: Shake well before use. Metal shavings are heavier than the nail polish formula and tend to gather at the bottom of the polish bottle. Shaking it up will distribute the metal evenly and get you a better result.
TIP 2: Play with the magnet until you get your favorite outcome. You will notice how changing the magnet position over your nail will give you a different design. Take some time to see what works best for your nails length, shape or your mood.
TIP 3: Do not load on polish formula. When you add your second coat, make it thick but clean. It should not float around your nail. Loaded nail polish may smudge the pattern and will surely take longer to dry.
TIP 4: Start over if you ruin a nail. It will be neater and quicker to start over that try to add more and more polish. Adding polish will lead to a mess rather than a design.
TIP 5: Add a top coat. To create a beautiful design with metallic nail polish you need only two coats of the formula. But after you use the magnet and it causes the metal shavings to gather at one place, this will leave certain areas with even less than two coats of polish. This will make your design to fade and chip easily. So, add your favorite top coat on top to get the maximum impact.

Thanks for reading, I hope that was useful!.

Hello nail art lovers!

Have you ever had that morning, when you wake up and you realize that your beautiful nail design is ruined? There is this chipped bit here, the faded detail there, the cracked nail tips… a nightmare! I will give you my top 3 tips how to save your nail art and skip the falling apart phase!

TIP 1 How to save chipped tips If you have dark nail color on, just add some nail polish on the chipped area. This will give your color a day more with very little effort. Don’t worry, amendments with black, dark blue, bordeaux and most dark colors actually are barely noticeable.

TIP 2 How to save a faded nail It is common for nail color to fade a little if you have been wearing it for more than three days. In this situation I use crackle nail polish to cover the whole nail or just to add a small detail. When the polish cracks you can still see the color below and you can be sure this little amendment won’t mess too much with your design. Tip! Add a free hand graffiti nail polish heart to hide a faded part and give your nails that extra something.

TIP 3 How to hide a ruined nail Sometimes the best thing to do to save a ruined nail is reapply color. Just remove the old polish and replace it with the new coat only on fingers that desperately need it. This is a great trick if you do not have enough time to do your nails all over. Tip! I like to put a contrasting color to alter the design.

I will show you how I rescued my Monochrome nails design and gave it an extra day of life. On a chores day I chipped the nail polish on both my index fingers. Also, the mat effect on my middle fingers faded because I use a mat top coat which obviously couldn’t take all the washing :) So for my index fingers I replaced the designs with a plain pink color. For my faded mat middle fingers I went for a free handed crackle heart in black and pink. And then, to make the look complete, I added the same pink graffiti nail polish to one of my thumbs. And voila! A brand new design makes your manicure beautiful again!

Monochrome nails with pink accent

Monochrome nails with pink accent

Here are some pictures to compare the original nail art to the manicure after it was saved :) My manicure after rescue plan

Monochrome nails

Monochrome nails

Thanks for reading, I hope these ideas will work for you too!.

Hello manicure lovers!

With so many glittery beauties going on in Holiday season, I decided to share with you how to remove sparkles effectively without scrubbing your nails. All you need is a nail polish remover of your choice, some cotton balls and kitchen aluminum foil.

Soak cotton in nail polish remover
I prefer using makeup removal cotton pads to lose cotton or cotton balls because they are easier to position and do not leave fibers behind. Tip! Cut each pad in four, this way it will fit your nail better and won’t dry out the skin around your nails too much.

How to remove glitter the easy way

How to remove glitter the easy way

Then, wrap nails with kitchen foil and wait
Position each cotton pad on a nail and just wrap your finger tips with kitchen aluminum foil. This will create an individual mini cap for each finger. Wait for 3 minutes. It may feel a little strange to have funny extra terrestrial looking hands but for the sake of the procedure be patient :)

Last, massage and remove caps
Before removing the aluminum caps, massage each nail for 5 seconds. When you take off the cotton and foil, there will be no polish and glitter residue on your nails. This amazing technique works great for all kinds of textured nail polish. I like to moisturize my nails and cuticles right after this procedure as it may be a bit drying to the nail. I have already shared with you my instant remedy for nails – the magical castor oil.

Thanks for joining me and see you soon!.

Hello dear nail lovers,

Welcome back to my Manicure Essentials column, dedicated to vital nail products other than nail color.

Nail art is a beautiful hobby but it can damage natural nails by drying them, making them brittle and make them look exactly how they are – unhealthy. There are certainly a lot of products out there designed to nourish and soften cuticles, strengthen nails and simply give them back their healthy look. I have tried many but there is one magical remedy which does all the tricks for my nails and at the same time is natural and cheap.

Castor oil! Rich in essential fatty acids, castor oil has had two huge benefits to my nails.

Hydrate and nourish
Pure cold pressed castor oil does magic to nail cuticles leaving them soft and well hydrated. Cuticle appearance is one of the main factors to determine if your hands will look maintained or sloppy.

Castor oil strengthens nails, but keeps them flexible and thus it is easier to grow your manicure at the length you prefer. For a month of use you will notice that your bare nails look buffed, are strengthened, their tips will be white and flexible.

Natural nails

Natural nails

I include a photo of how my bare nails look right now:

How to use?
What I do is simply rub some castor oil in cuticles and bare nails, then go to sleep and allow it to soak in. If you are in a hurry but still want to benefit from this simple nail mask, you can leave it on for a shorter period but be careful to remove all castor oil residue before applying your color. Otherwise, it won’t stick to your nail and will peel off once dry.

Healthy nails as at the-collectiveonline.com Tips for healthier and stronger nails

Healthy nails as at the-collectiveonline.com Tips for healthier and stronger nails

Thanks for reading and see you soon!.